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There once was a sneezer named Mose.
He’d sneeze to the tips of his toes.
He once sneezed so heinous
He puked out his anus, 10 more words

Dead Serious

The Allergist Adventures -- Part 2... And Other Stuff

Everything itches. So much.

Not cool.

This marks four days without allergy medicine. My head feels like it’s going to explode, my skin itches everywhere. 294 more words


1072. Lilies and cats

Kenneth had an allergy to pollen. He was especially plagued by pollen from lilies. Of course, Eunice, his wife, absolutely loved lilies. She would fill the vases with lilies every Easter, and poor Kenneth was left sneezing, wheezing, and weeping throughout the entire Paschal Season. 98 more words


A to Z Challenge: S is for...

Sneezing & Snotty Noses

First day of summer and my munchkin is sneezing and continuously has a snotty nose. Poor kid. What a way to spend the first day of summer right? 531 more words


I was chatting with MyMindSpeaksAloud the other day, telling her interesting facts about the Tower of London.   She responded by telling me that people say ‘bless you’ when you sneeze because a long time ago, there was the believe that devils enter through your mouth. 236 more words


The Allergist Adventures: A Week Without Allergy Meds -- Part 1

Good afternoon, fine folks!

I have a feeling this is going to turn into a series, so I’m designating this Part 1.

My referral to the allergist got sent in last Thursday from my primary doctor. 92 more words