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Mudra for Sneezing

Aditi Mudra

How to do it?

Place the tip of the Thumb finger at the base of the Ring finger


Bless You

I try to see goodness in everything, but I cannot learn to love a sneeze.
“But it feels so good!” some people protest.
“It’s one eighth of an orgasm!” say others. 844 more words

Sneezing fit

while strapped into my CPAP mask.

Although this was not mucous filled sneezes (thank God), they were nuclear sneezes.

The first sneeze started deep down in my toes and from tickle to explosion was less than .00002 of a second. 129 more words


All Souls' Day

I don’t know how many of you realized this but, it’s the third holiday day in a row!

October 31st – All Hallows’ Eve
November 1st – All Saints’ Day… 368 more words


Africa risks ‘deadliest and most rapid form of plague’ pneumonic, spread through coughing, sneezing, spitting — WHO

Health chiefs are desperately trying to contain a deadly outbreak of airborne plague in Africa that has prompted warnings in nine countries.

More than 1,300 cases have now been reported in Madagascar, health chiefs have revealed, as nearby nations have been placed on high alert. 347 more words


How very unusual...! Or not...

It’s a popular myth among some – patients and homoeopaths – that what we’re really looking for when you come to us with a cough or cold or backache or diarrhea that we’re looking for a really interesting symptom, something very strange, something highly unusual, and that will instantaneously lead to an a-ha moment to beat all a-ha moments. 1,090 more words


Health Unit encourages Peterborough residents to get flu shots

With flu season just around the corner, Peterborough Public Health is encouraging residents to get vaccinated for the flu.

“The best time to get the flu shot is before flu season gets here, it takes two weeks for the vaccine to be effective, so the sooner you get the vaccine, the better,” said Marilyn Mitchell, a registered nurse at the health unit. 113 more words