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Saturday music

I became aware that Jugni’s soundtrack has been released only when I read this review by Suanshu Khurana today morning. I haven’t been seeing too much buzz around this film though have been following the director Shefali Bhushan, chronicle her filmmaking… 509 more words

Some underrated soundtracks

I honestly don’t explore a lot of music but I hope to change that in the future. There are some soundtracks in the recent times as well as the last few years which I believe are highly underrated. 449 more words

Liming with Trinidad

During the time that I was sleepwalking through a commerce degree that was made bearable because of library visits, I came across this book called… 1,204 more words

Sabka badla lega ra tera Faizal...

One can’t help, but feel a sense of schadenfreude. It is a familiar feeling because ek woh din bhi the, ek yeh din bhi hain. 141 more words


Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment! (Singh Is Bliing - Music Review)

After a torturous affair in the form of Action Jackson, Prabhudeva is back in a comedy with Akshay Kumar. Using Sajid-Wajid, Pritam and Himesh Reshammiya one after another, he has finally moved on to multiple composers just like his contemporaries. 505 more words