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Can I be an emoji?

Well,I guess so.🙈

It’s marvellous how a living,breathing human being can be expressed in a single emoticon.

Philosophers and great thinkers have tried since ages to describe humans in various ways.But lo and behold,our generation need not brainstorm as their identities are gathered in a single emoji. 252 more words


Food for thought?

One of the thoughts that struck me as eerily odd was the simple realisation that food is basically a feast for the eyes and a sensation in our mouth.Whatsoever eaten ultimately has no real materialistic aspect. 237 more words


Really? Thats not even an actual title :/

Well,there you go,the usual me.Self deprication at its peak.But hey,thats how I am and there’s nothing that I would want to change about myself.

Snickerdoodlicious…… 116 more words


Maple Snickerdoodle Cookies

A soft and chewy spiced brown sugar cookie base is punched up with a kick of real maple syrup, which adds sweetness and flavor. A coating of cinnamon sugar ties the cookie together for this delicious twist on the classic snickerdoodle. 617 more words


Grief and Cookies - reflections on January

Each January is hard. It’s not the snow or the cold or the harsh winds. It’s not even the darkness that lasts too long. It’s the heaviness on my heart as two birthdays come a week apart and those loved ones are gone. 800 more words

Thought Of The Day

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Got the Sunday evening blues? Back to work we go tomorrow! I believe that it is crucial to always find the good in every single day. 88 more words


Snickerdoodle Cookies with a Recipe

One of my favorite childhood memories was making snickerdoodle cookies with my mother.

Despite what the internet has told me, I have learned that there really is no substitute for cream of tarter in snickerdoodle cookies. 48 more words