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Personal Hygiene: When You Sit on a Throne of Smells

I am unsure how to even begin to explain the detriment of even one hazardously disgusting body odor to the very fabric of our society’s wellbeing. 234 more words


Just What Is Going On In This Photo?

When I was living in Guatemala, my companion and I boarded with a local family who took in travellers from all over the world. We met some fabulous people and some peculiar ones. 138 more words


Sniff Test

If your Humans do not immediately offer you tuna upon their return home, jump in their car and sniff around to determine where they’ve been and, more importantly, what they’ve brought you.


TP-Link routers are exposing your passwords

Chinese technology networking product manufacturer TP-Link has been shipping routers that have password-protected access enabled by default, which from a security standpoint is a good thing. 94 more words