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The Release Command

When you train your dog, you want the dog to know exactly what is expected.  It is easy to confuse the little fellas.  They don’t understand much English.   568 more words

Sızma Tespit Sistemleri Snort ve Suricata 3

IDS için kullanabileceğiniz 2 open source yazılım var. bunlardan birinsi Snort, diğeri ise Suricata. İkisi arasındaki farklara kısaca değinmek gerekirse:


Do you know we humans can follow the scent almost as well as our dogs?

The British, those great pet lovers, were tuned into the BBC which presented the story of a woman, Joy Milne, who claimed she could smell Parkinson’s disease. 533 more words


Dawn's Light

As the early morning light filtered through the leaves of our red maple tree and illuminated the wall, Carson was wakened from his slumber to greet the morning. 43 more words

Snuff Box - Thailand

Something for the trendy hipsters?

Growing up in Denmark, I have always associated the practice of snuff-sniffing with old-fashioned Swedes and Norwegians in our neighboring Scandinavian countries. 189 more words


Sızma Tespit Sistemleri Snort ve Suricata 2

Yazılımlar hakkında konuşmadan önce saldırı tespit sistemleri nasıl çalışır bahsetmekte fayda var. Her ethernet pakedi, header (başlık) ve payload (yük) kısımları bulundurur.  Başlık kısmında kısaca pakedin hangi adresten çıkıp hangi adrese gittiği temel bilgisi bulunur. 375 more words