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Sızma Tespit Sistemleri Snort ve Suricata 1

Bu yazımda ve belki de devam eden birkaç yazıda, IDS (Intrusion Detection System / Sızma Tespit Sistemleri) üzerine yazmaya çalışacağım.

Aşağıdaki resimdeki topoljide standart  internet>router>firewall>kullanıcı sıralamasını görebilirsiniz. 229 more words


Badger: (n) a native of Wisconsin

How fortuitous for me to actually find myself in Wisconsin, sharing with you about the badger.

The word actually has… 247 more words

B Words

These puppies are using their sense of smell to sniff out cancer.

Alfie and Charlie are only four months old, but they’re already training to become cancer detection specialists at the University of California, Davis.

And oh yeah, they’re dogs. 537 more words


"Hey, Boo"

 Gets to me every time I read or see it.

Comic Commentary

Another Installment of WHAT IF (?)

That’s right.  It’s time for What if?  Let’s play a round, just one round; shall we?

I’ll go.

I’ll keep it classy.

What If … 68 more words


353 = special

Day 353…

awww… little Ms. Caddy Von Cattenburg taking time to smell the flowers ~

SHE is super special  :)

Thanks Suzanne for the word today… you win!