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If Dogs Rolled Their Eyes . . .

Surely I would have seen eyes roll this morning. Rhys and I were out for a walk not too long after sunrise.  In the Pacific Northwest we’ve experienced several cloudless, warm days which lead to cold nights.   167 more words


Birds Of A Feather

Queen Sniffles looks like she’s sniffing the heck outta that boa.  Haha


‘It’s funny about paths and rivers,’ he mused. ‘You see them go by, and suddenly you feel upset and want to be somewhere else – wherever the path or the river is going perhaps.’

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The physical thing

Books are an information-delivery system, and what’s central to their function has little to do with their typefaces, bindings, trim size, or paper. But I am sure that when people remember the books they first loved or most loved, they can remember the look and feel of the physical object at least as well as (or often better than) the content.

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Lively - Sniff, cough, sneeze

Dense dose
Wunning dose
Weird voice
Teary eyes

Poor me. I have a cold.

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Recycled Dogs

(all made from toy phones, barbie hairbrushes, power ranger figures, alphabet magnets, plastic pistols, flashlights, reflectors, and more)

Robert Bradford Sculpture 9 more words