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Sniff crochet

I finished Sniff today! :D

He is described as easily scared, easily upset, selfish and greedy… He is one of Moomin’s friends. He is afraid of water, because he can’t swim. 254 more words

Moominmamma crochet

Moominmamma is done! :D Here she is:

The handbag and the apron were easy to crochet. The handbag has a little metal bead that is shaped like a rosebud. 293 more words

Panties for sale 

My girl is selling her panties and I f’ing love it! Best part is, she always ends up getting even cuter ones!

Do something nasty or normal and make some cash. 14 more words

Fabulous,Friendly, Fryday Fill-Ins

Time for our favourite Fryday fun….the Fill-Ins!  Thank you Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader for great fill-ins.

1. I still need to…SNIFF AT MORE PRESENTS, SMACKY SOME ORNAMENTS SO THEY SURRENDER AT MY PAWS…… before Christmas.                                                       139 more words