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A work weekend in Winchester (Rousse)

The work trip was a long weekend  in Winchester. Our accommodation was so meagre that I was forced to sleep in an indoor cave squashed between two of my reportees. 31 more words

What's that smell?

My Mom has the strongest sense of smell of any human I have ever met. If humans were allowed to be part of the drug sniffing Department in the police, she would be Top Dog. 558 more words


New study finds cocaine is good for your health, click to find out how much you should do a day to keep the doctor away.

Partiers of the world rejoice: cocaine is good for you.

Today on August 27th, 2018, this shocking revelation came to the over the top joy of cocaine users everywhere. 397 more words

Professor No More

TWILIGHT FORCE LOG Mission Day 226 Flamear Auto Memorandum, August 14:

The world he came from was now forgotten. Not forgotten in the way we can’t remember, but left behind as no longer relevant. 245 more words

Science Fiction


A lone mosquito

in the old stone Buddha’s lap

keeps sniffing for blood.


Good Smells

There are good smells up top and good smells down below.

When you’ve got a good Sniffer, there are good smells everywhere!

–Cosmo and Xena