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Dog Cousins & Birthdays

This past weekend, Chester and I drove over to my parent’s house to celebrate dual birthdays- my mom and brother’s golden retriever Huck.  While the humans celebrated my mother’s birthday.  192 more words


A Good Nose Job! [Episode 18]

A Nose For Everyone’s Business!

A Good Nose Job!

Hello and greetings to my K9 readership …

I trust you are all well and that you are giving your two leggeds the run-around! 1,211 more words


The joy of a good sniffy-walk 

Sometimes enrichment doesn’t mean doing something new with your dog, rather it can mean doing a mundane, everyday activity a little better.

Going for a walk is something most people do with their dogs at least once, if not twice a day or more. 483 more words

Sniffing and Spoofing

Sniffing and Spoofing are security threats that target the lower layers of the networking infrastructure supporting applications that use the Internet. Users do not interact directly with these lower layers and are typically completely unaware that they exist. 381 more words


Seek the Treat Enrichment Mats

Shameless plug alert: I make and sell these mats alongside my fleece pjs and housecoats at http://www.freemakerhounds.etsy.com.

But that doesn’t stop the concept being awesome! 298 more words

Use what you already have

My three favourite (and easiest!) ways to feed are:

1) Putting dry kibble inside an empty, clean plastic bottle and letting Lance throw it around until all the bits fall out. 339 more words