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Hackers Can Read Your SMS and Listen To Your Calls By...

No one and no mobile phone is safe anymore as god-damned hackers have modified a protocol developed in 1975 that makes it possible for them to access your phone by only knowing your telephone number. 424 more words

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WATCH: Panty Sniffing Man Caught! A Surprising Secret was Revealed?

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Pornography is rampant these days. An ordinary person can access vulgar images and videos online easily using many sorts of websites. 21 more words


Flair is very curious but still cautious.


Beware of Free Internet Connections

Many hotels,coffee shops and other such establishments offer free wireless internet access to their customers. These networks are often unprotected. They typically do not require customers to enter a password and provide no encryption to protect the networks traffic. 541 more words

18th and 19th Century: Snuff Accessories

Source: 18th and 19th Century.

Snuff, a pulverized form of tobacco, became popular from the mid 1600s to the mid 1800s and was more popular than smoking. 131 more words

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