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Ramped Versus Sniffing Position: the Debate Continues

“A Multicenter, Randomized Trial of Ramped Position versus Sniffing Position during Endotracheal Intubation of Critically Ill Adults.” Semler et al. Chest 2017.

Is there enough data to change the ramped trend? 715 more words

Article Review


A new dog ASMR from Seafoam Kitten’s ASMR. Includes binaural sniffing and licking sounds.


Springs and Coils

Springs and coils. The alteration from a single line of material with turns and twists and repetitions of those enables that material to now enter the electromagnetic sphere. 180 more words


Performing MitM attacks using arpspoof

In this scenario we will perform a MitM attack though arp spoofing. The concept basically comes down to ensuring that you can poison the arp table of the target machine and also the arp table of it’s default gateway. 135 more words


Sniffing for Druids

Scent is incredibly powerful especially in terms of bringing emotion and memory to the surface. It’s also a sense we don’t tend to use much. Most other mammals make far better uses of their noses than we do. 335 more words


Welcome Home, Hero.

I named him hero for obvious reasons.

After living a life as a subject for clinical trials in the name of medical research, only a few can walk out of it ready to take on the world with a calm demeanor like he did, he no doubt was a hero and to be honest and an inspiration as he entered in to our lives and home to start afresh. 456 more words


Flying cage of honey

My curtains blowing on a windy day

Rising up like a flying cage of honey

Sniffing and snuffling in between

Climbing on the walls to feel the crown… 44 more words