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Stormy Weather

Heavy rains moved in today, and the threat of more storms loomed overhead much of the day. Riley lifted her nose to the breeze, perhaps trying to sense if another shower was imminent.


Another Installment of Riley Sniffs Stuff

We grilled today. Riley found and thoroughly inspected the grill brush. I think she was hoping for something of substance on the bristles, but alas, there was nothing, so she moved on to inspect the grill cover for the heck of it.


A Plethora of Riley

Today’s photos were all so good, I couldn’t pick just one:


Can autism be measured in a sniff?

Original post from Science Daily


Date:   July 2, 2015

Source:   Cell Press

Summary:   Imagine the way you might smell a rose. You’d take a nice big sniff to breathe in the sweet but subtle floral scent. 645 more words


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