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A Degree of Caution

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When you head north, especially inland, you need to be cautious about a number of things. Water supply, food, shelter, Eperb, and so on. 152 more words



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(ps. This one’s my entry)


Canis sapiens

Monday morning, the day of Satan, Rinku, Cerberus’s one headed cousin who also happened to be our neighbor’s dog, raised hell barking severely at something/somebody. My brother, who shares my enthusiasm for sleeping, woke up with a severe distaste for the dog, to existence as a whole. 185 more words


Lazy Sunday

I woke up at six this morning and instantly panicked, as we’re supposed to be at work for 6am. Then I remembered that she’s having a day off. 159 more words

Conversations at work.

Paddy: (passing by microwave that BabyMaffu is standing near) WOW, that smells really really good.

M2TalksAlot:  (walks in all smiles on my heels)

BabyMaffu:  It’s the wife’s tortilla soup. 103 more words


Performing a Man-in-the-Middle Attack on a Wireless Network Using Cain & Abel and Wireshark Without Monitor Mode


Want to learn how to spy on other’s web traffic? See which Web sites and Web pages they are visiting? Steal their usernames and passwords? 3,318 more words

Threats And Vulnerabilities