The Canadian Elite: A ‘different level’ of military sniper

MACLEAN’S, By Adnan R. Khan, 22 June 2017

The distances are mind-boggling: in 2002, Master Cpl. Arron Perry from the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry took aim at an Afghan insurgent from a distance of 2,300 meters and hit his target, setting the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history. 735 more words

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9 Jenis Senjata Yang Sering Di Gunakan Pasukan Militer

Perang ataupun pertempuran selalu identik dengan senjata api, entah itu Machine Gun (MG), Sub Machine Gun (SMG), Assault Rifle, dan lain lain. Dalam dunia peperangan, pemilik senjata paling mematikan bisa dikatakan lebih unggul, apalagi di tambah dengan strategi yang matang, tentu akan menjadi lawan yang sangat kuat dan berbahaya. 1,024 more words


Yes! Magpul has a dope book

Did you know Magpul has a Dope (Data) book?  Last year we did Magpul’s Hunter stock for a custom made REM 700 and with ever new rifle we need to dope it out!   295 more words

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Galil Sniper


Weight SAR 5.56mm: 3.75 kg (8.27 lb

AR 5.56mm: 3.95 kg (8.7 lb)

ARM 5.56mm 4.35 kg (9.6 lb)

SAR 7.62mm: 3.85 kg (8.5 lb) 148 more words


Steyrr SSG 69

​This is bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher.It is a standard sniper rifle used by Austrian Army.


Weight 4 kg (8.82 lb) ( 69 PI) 70 more words


L42A1 Build: Part 1

With some dimensioned parts, I could get some bits laser cut and underway…

Receiver and scope mount first, this is a pretty simple tap, screw and weld together job by my standards! 354 more words


Rifle case for transport from Explorer cases

Do you ever wondering how you are going to transport your rifle safely?  Well read this review and know what to do with Explorer cases. 693 more words

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