Sniper Redux

Messing with lighting again. This is a redone version of one of my first posters, with some editing done post-render to make things darker, give it a glow and add some shadows.


Day 3 - Assassin

You are the world’s deadliest assassin. So, tell us a bit about yourself.

-Writing Prompts

At the tender age of eight years old (well, at least until next Tuesday), Isao was seriously considering retiring from his current job.

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365 Challenge



Look at him. Completely oblivious. He scratches his temple, scratches his ear, adjusts his black turtleneck, puts his hands in his pockets, rocks back and forth on his heels, stares dumbly out his window. 2,058 more words


Doing Some Sniping in Battlefield 4

If you’re anything like me, and if you’re reading this you probably are, there is no better feeling then landing the perfect shot in Battlefield 4.   45 more words


Picture of The Day: Mine

The genius sharpshooter from Akame ga Kill, Mine, will be my selection for today’s Picture of The Day. This artwork deserves the recognition for today’s Picture of The Day. 6 more words


Last Hope: Zombie Sniper Game

Last Hope: Zombie Sniper Game

I haven’t been playing games that much lately but this one came across my radar a while back and I thought I’d give it a shot. 287 more words