September 30, 2015 | Dream Journal

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was walking around with a group of men like I wanted to join their team, they were on an undercover mission to find someone and protect them and escort them by land/helicopter/et cetera through various locations until they reach their final destination, and there was another group whose job was to find and kill the target; and so they had to try to stop that from happening. 1,549 more words

Dream Journal

Range Day 2: Testing Hunting Ammo & Precision Match Ammo @ 300 yards


Pictured above are custom loads made by Southwest Ammunition using 190 grain Sierra Match King bullets (Don’t do business with Southwest Ammunition – horrible company), Hornady Whitetail, and custom loads I worked up using 230 grain Berger bullets.

(Post Results HERE)

Barrett Firearms

The unboxing of the Barrett 98B Fieldcraft

“The Barrett Fieldcraft is the Olympic Athlete son of the 98B & MRAD. It combines the best of both rifles in one lean and rugged package.” 364 more words

Barrett Firearms

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Spotlight: Zoids – The Command Wolf

Glad to “see you on the battlefield” today, readers! This particular Spotlight! post is to showcase another zoid from the various Japanese animated series. This zoid is the Command Wolf. 760 more words


New snipers for the paratroopers


The elite Russian paratroopers are testing a new sniper rifle called ‘Tochnost’(‘Accuracy’), which can be put into service as early as next year. They have shown interest in this new weapon, developed by a Russian company. 102 more words