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Soldiers of Nature

“The teams monitor 102 rhinos, but when they spot poachers, they don’t arrest them. They don’t even invite them to lay down their arms. Instead, they kill them – 19 so far, in split-second ambushes during which their victims probably never knew what hit them.” 6 more words


One More ISIS Leader Down As Terrorists Are Terrorized By The Secret 'Daesh Hunter'

In late January, a secret sniper made headlines after taking out high-ranking ISIS members. Three distinct attacks took place with the final blow landing on Islamic State commander Abdullah Hamad Al-Ansari. 334 more words


Three-balls a-droppin'!!

It is the ultimate weapon in high school basketball.

Capable of sending a crowd through the roof or deflating them just as quickly, the three-point shot is the dagger. 569 more words

CHS Wolves

Pathfinders completed

It was relatively quick, and I don’t profess to spending too much time on the conversion process, but it was a nice distraction and reminded me why I hate using transfers. 68 more words

Sniping ISIS...

Someone,  perhaps a British SAS sniper,  or maybe an American one,  is picking off  ISIS leaders in Libya,  creating panic amongst the jihadis.   Much like the Nazis,  many of whose principles ISIS admires,  the leaders are perfectly willing to send subordinates to be slaughtered,  but they hold themselves more worthy of life,  and it makes them extremely nervous when their heads begin exploding via bullet from unseen hands. 13 more words

A Secret Sniper Is Apparently Knocking Off High-Ranking Members Of ISIS

The three places in Sirte where a sniper has *allegedly* shot men of the Islamic state in the last 10 days pic.twitter.com/LWEUPzXVxF

— Daniele Raineri (@DanieleRaineri) …

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