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World War Two Snipers – Videogames vs History

History can be less exciting than the fiction it inspires. I can accept that with a smile. War movies, TV shows and games can bathe the World War Two era with so much action and violence that the reality is all but lost. 1,570 more words


Death of the American Sniper

I have been reading some articles, put on a website which I am otherwise fond of reading, about the movie American Sniper, and the person it documents, Chris Kyle. 574 more words


Native Snipers Among the World’s Most Deadly

by Doug George-Kanentiio

The life and tragic death of the US soldier Chris Kyle, along with the release of the biographical film “American Sniper”, has attracted much interest into the role of these concealed and proficient long range killers. 1,425 more words


Syrian war started March 2011. Who was behind the protest movement? Fabricating a pretext for a US-NATO “humanitarian intervention”

Snipers firing on police and protestors. Repeating themes.

Global Research, Re-posted March 15, 2015
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Originally posted May 3, 2011

Four Years Ago, March 17, 2011: 3,603 more words