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Pellet gun sniper taking aim at Enumclaw horses

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ENUMCLAW, Wash. — The King County sheriff’s office is now investigating reports of a pellet-gun-wielding sniper taking shots at horses on the Enumclaw plateau. 279 more words

Horse Abuse

Korwin-Mikke: Maidan snipers were trained in Poland

“Maidan was also our operation. The snipers were trained in Poland. These terrorists shot 40 demonstrators and 20 police officers on the Maidan in order to provoke riots,” – said the EU Parliament Deputy and presidential candidate Janusz Korwin-Mikke. 1,331 more words

U.S. Military's New Smart Bullets Hit Moving Targets With Deadly Accuracy

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The United States military has perfected a smart bullet that behaves like a precision-guided missile.

The Department of Defense released a video showing ‘self-steering’ bullets that can change their course to hit a moving target. 203 more words


BORDER WAR 7 - The Skylance 2015 - Airsoft Sniper Scopecam - NOVRITSCH on youTube

Here’s an unusual concept, but works for NOVRITSCH…take a SNIPER platform to the biggest game in Europe…armed with a scopecam…and OWN!  NICE!  This Border War “madness” has me hooked! 48 more words


WWI part 3: Guns

A German bolt-action 1898 Mauser Gewehr rifle. A bayonet can be put on under the barrel.

Unlike tanks, guns had been around for a long time before WWI, some saying originating in China back in 1250AD. 625 more words

April 24th

Ronnie Poulton has completed his recent spell in the front line and we can share another entry from his journal.

During this past tour of duty Ronnie was in charge of all repairs and improvements to the section of trenches for which his company was responsible. 363 more words

Cambridge WWI - 1915


The British navy, under Winston Churchill had tried to take the Dardanelles Straight through Turkey. This sea route was needed to get supplies to Russia. 1,764 more words