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New book: One Shot Kills - A History of Australian Army Sniping

One Shot Kills
A History of Australian Army Sniping
By Glenn Wahlert and Russell Linwood

Australian Army Combat Support Series – 2
Published by Big Sky Publishing… 631 more words

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False flag? More evidence on the Kiev Maidan snipers

Posted on Global Research from Washington’s Blog

Sniper Attacks As False Flag Terror

Random shootings are a type of false flag terror 

…For example, in 1985 – as part of the  904 more words

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

Is a family of bolt-action sniper rifles designed and manufactured by the British company, Accuracy International. It has proved popular as a civilian, police and military rifle since its introduction in the 1980s. 80 more words


Barrett M82

Barrett M82
(standardized by the US Military as the M107)

Is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle developed by the AmericanBarrett Firearms Manufacturing company. Designated as a heavy SASR, it is used by many units and armies around the world. 128 more words


Miracles? Well, you are reading one of them

I am not saying that i am the miracle, but me being alive is surly one. 683 more words


Congress is failing the Tonkin Gulf test on Ukraine

by Robert Parry
Posted on  Information Clearing House, February 21, 2015

As the Ukraine crisis worsens, Official Washington fumes only about “Russian aggression” — much as a half century ago, the Tonkin Gulf talk was all about “North Vietnamese aggression.” But then and now there were other sides to the story – and questions that Congress needed to ask, writes Robert Parry. 2,465 more words