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National Post View: The Liberals say we're not 'combating' ISIL, yet our snipers are being lauded for record-setting kill shots

The Canadian military got some well-deserved positive publicity this week with the announcement that a Canadian sniper team serving in Iraq set a new world record for the longest-ever confirmed kill. 827 more words

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A Sniper Has Shattered A World Record By Taking Out An ISIS Fighter With A Two-Mile Kill Shot

People are endlessly entranced with snipers who take out ISIS fighters. A number 2016 feats included the British Special Forces sniper who killed five men with only three bullets… 322 more words

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The Media and the President’s critics are  like Snipers. Always on the look-out, waiting for our President to make a mistake again!  The lack of objectivity makes me think that all they want is for him to fail. 14 more words

Watch Far Cry 5's Cults And Snipers In Action

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Far Cry 5

Today, Ubisoft showed off some proper footage from Far Cry 5, its upcoming first-person shooter about liberating an American community from an extremist Christian militia. 376 more words


Overwatch's New Moon Map Is Heaven For Snipers

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Space is the place, and as of yesterday, a new Overwatch map. Overwatch released its Lunar Colony assault map onto its public test realm and it’s certainly a new and uncharted frontier. 520 more words


1:6 Bbi/dragonmodel Snipers (set Of 3)

1:6 Bbi/dragonmodel Snipers (set Of 3)
Here For Sale Are Set Of 3 Snipers, 2 Are From BBi And 1 From Dragonmodels. Part Of The Collection I’m Selling. 141 more words


How Soviet female snipers helped us all to live in peace and safety

Book Review

Deadly Aim – Soviet Women Snipers on the Eastern Front (1941-45)

By Lyuba Vinogradova


It is often forgotten that if it wasn’t for the heroic efforts of Soviet Union, and its determined and brave people, the West would not have defeated the Nazis and Europe – all of Europe – would have remained in constant fear or domination by the Third Reich. 930 more words