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"When you starve..."

I once told somebody ” when you starve , you will learn ” she was very upset with me , but it’s the truth . Poverty maybe a very enriched lesson , and in the middle of it , you may give up your most cruel trait, ,) that’s when you get gold ❤️


The Living Things Lurking in Your Household Dust Could Be Evolving to Be Dangerous

People don’t like dust. Nor should they. This endless accumulation of dead skin, hair, bugs, soil, animal fur, and whatever else – it gets everywhere. But it looks like that’s not even the worst part. 532 more words


End-of-life Surrogates Often Overconfident

Most are less prepared than they think to make necessary decisions

Patients’ end-of-life surrogates are overly confident in their readiness to make crucial decisions for their loved ones, recent research found. 403 more words


Pain has a Purpose

Pain always has a purpose in your life. Pain brings out the best in you and purges your soul. It leaves you than ever. Without pain or effort there is no success. 101 more words


The Universe will...

wish it were that simple ,)

The universe will teach us before giving us 🌈

And we will all need to do is pray and make a contract with the cosmos to think good , be good and do good, to get all we desire ❤️


Snippets: Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima, Hiroshima Bay | Quick Travel Guide to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Floating Torii Gate

Miyajima, Japan – If you plan to visit Hiroshima, an easy day trip out is to visit the island of Itsukushima, also commonly known as Miyajima. 435 more words