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Ricky Irizarry Credited for Helping Feds in Cartel Hit Case

According to the media, Ricky Irizarry agreed to cooperate with the government as part of a plea agreement after his DNA was found in a van that he stole. 126 more words

Police Misconduct

A Man Will Die in Prison Because of Cristovaho Diaz

Cristovaho Diaz put a man in prison for thirty years with his mouth and because the man he ratted on is in his 60s he will probably die there. 180 more words

Police Misconduct

Street code📕🗣To snitch or not to Snitch that's the question🤔

When involved in the street life there are rules that must be obeyed, if not consequences can become deadly. Some people are street smart and some are book smart but being both can get you a lot of places. 465 more words


Connie Goules Accused Me of Running Website I Don't Run

Connie Goules of San Diego, California sent a complaint to ODOJ accusing me of running a website that I do not run. The website was STD.com which has nothing to do with me. 74 more words

Police Misconduct

Angry Viewer Elaine Kallas Sent Report to Alicia Suarez

Several years ago I received a complaint from Alicia Suarez at ODOJ saying that Elaine Kallas had sent in a complaint about me. The complaint accused me of operating a website but linked to a website that I did not run. 22 more words

Police Misconduct

How to Deal with All of the Different Types of Students - Snitches

I have now been blogging for a month straight today! It doesn’t feel like a long time ago since I started the blog, but then again; the school holidays does go very quickly! 269 more words

Shocking Court Development of Justice Denied in Honolulu

Follow the YouTube link to find out the totally unpredictable court outcome in the “Bleach Throwing Neighbor” incident (video available on YouTube)

I’m not going to tell you the unbelievable outcome of the situation with my bleach throwing neighbor. 49 more words

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