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Randy Lee Morris is a snitch

He has actively set up at least three people in Enid. Hes from California where Im sure he did the same thing there. #enid #rat #randyleemorris Source: … 6 more words

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Blue Lives Matter Snitch Caught on Tape Attacking Antifa Protesters

This unidentified snitch attacked several Antifa and/or Black Lives Matter protesters in downtown Portland tonight with mace. She showed up at the federal courthouse with a small group of Blue Lives Matter counter-protesters and once people confronted them they fled to the 711 and called the cops. 173 more words

Police Misconduct

Rose Martinez Giersdorf Cop Caller

This person decided to post a pair of boots for sale that are clearly worn and used but listed them as new never worn or used. 240 more words

Police Misconduct

Virginia Gov. wants people to snitch on Christians

According to Liberty Counsel, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is encouraging citizens to snitch on people who are breaking his lockdown orders.

The state even provided an online… 360 more words


Demetria Hester's NSFW Courtroom Comments Provoke Jeremy Christian

Why was I not surprised to find out that there was a lot more to the story when today’s headlines from the Jeremy Christian sentencing read that he was removed from the courtroom for threatening a victim? 1,162 more words

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Randy Lee Morris is an informant

He was on the run from a minor charge in another county and got that dropped by turning me and some other people in. #enid #informant Source: … 6 more words

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