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The Coworker Conundrum: The Foul Fight to the Finish

Having to work with others is perhaps the most aggravating part of being in the work force. The attitudes, lies, passive aggression, and ridiculous expectations can work, work, work, work, work your nerve to no end. 182 more words


Snitches A/K/A Line Dudes

The only way they can be first in a line that we’re in is to go and snitch to the theater and falsely claim that  our sitters violated a rule.    186 more words

Snitches get stitches.

“I don’t want to hear it unless someone is dying.”

“Stop tattling on your sister.”

“But did you die?”

No one likes a gossip. Parents don’t like tattletales.

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Informants/Infiltrators "Mark Jackson" and "Aimee Walter"

The Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists were infiltrated by people believed to be III%ers or Oathkeepers. They might be law enforcement, but that seems doubtful. They joined us during the lead up to the Milo protest at UCCS. 399 more words

I am the law!

(scene opens in kitchen, mother scooping ice cream)

Me: Thank you for bringing in Gamma’s bike, Beta.
Beta: (suspicious) What did she tell you.
Me: Thank you for bringing in Gamma’s bike. 148 more words

April 15, 2017 - A to Z Challenge - M

Before I forget to put the meanings of the last two letters here they are.

Kelling (KEL-ling) ptcpl. vb. – the action of looking for something all over again in all the same places you’ve already looked in. 635 more words