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'Leo's Fortune' One Day Sale, Plus SNK and More!

We’ve got ton of iOS titles on sale right now, all of which are worth a look. If you only check one game out, I’d suggest… 170 more words


Test cover fake Snk Riren~

Ban đầu cũng chỉ định làm mấy cái tình cảm nhẹ nhàng thôi cơ mà thế quái nào sau lại thành SM ==” Thực ra là định làm hẳn 1 chap fake cho 2 chú cháu cơ mà nghĩ lại, đã làm theo kiểu oneshot cải biên mà chả có cover thì không ổn, thế là bắt tay làm thử cover luôn ==” cơ mà cover gốc của bố Isayama có cái nào tình cảm đâu cơ chứ, cái này nhìn cũng ghê thấy ớn, làm mềnh muốn làm một cái cover nhẹ nhàng tình cảm cũng chẳng được, làm xong nhìn kiểu gì cũng thấy đơn điệu~ 279 more words


Random Thoughts on 4/23/15- Ahead of it's Time: More Musings on the Neo Geo Pocket Color

Futuristic. State of the Art. Advanced. Thesaurus definitions of “ahead of it’s time”. Every time I play a game on my Neo Geo Pocket Color I think to myself “how was this not a hit?”. 372 more words

Just Thinking

[fic] of one ash and dust

“You’re, what, forty now?” Levi scoffed. “If you don’t marry soon, you’re going to rot and die alone, old man.”

“Die and rot. You have the order wrong.” 2,577 more words


Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue

Genre: Action

Developer: SNK

Total time played: 1 hour

Short review: A very simple beat em up action/arcade game with unlimited continues.  It is impossible not to beat if you play long enough. 626 more words


ANIME TALK: Titans on the big screen

The second trailer for the upcoming, live action adaptation of Isayama Hajime’s Shingeki no Kyojin (alt. Attack on Titan) just came out. And I am freaking pumped 928 more words

Making Music: Heroes of the Revolution

I have a quick story for you before I go into some details of my latest jam creation:

One of the best bands to ever cover those memorable, melodic songs from classic video games is… 1,139 more words