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100 Days of MEGASHOCK! #17 Alpha Mission II/ASO II: Last Guardian

In this long-delayed edition of 100 Days of MEGASHOCK!, we’ll be looking at Alpha Mission 2 (known as ASO II: Last Guardian in Japan). Similar to Baseball Stars, Alpha Mission 2 is a Neo Geo sequel to an SNK title made prior to the Neo Geo’s debut. 1,554 more words

100 Days Of MEGASHOCK!

Let's NOT Talk About Fatal Fury First Contact

So then… Fatal Fury. A long running series of games that died somewhere in the late nineties after largely being ignored as a bit of a Street Fighter 2 rip-off. 1,757 more words



Metal Slug

Developer – Nazca Corporation and Published by SNK

Platform – Neo Geo CD, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Virtual Console, PlayStation Network, iOS, Android and Neo Geo X, and to the Wii, PlayStation Portable and Playstation 2… 309 more words


Chapter 1: Lotus on a Pond

If people were asked to describe Jean – if he had gone missing one night and policemen who would most likely have swarmed from the conspicuous blue building downtown were tasked with finding out his hobbies, schedule and, who knows, personality – his roommates would talk of late afternoons from school with the strap of his backpack hanging loosely off one shoulder, a gruff “I’m home,” before the sound of hurried footsteps thudded through their narrow staircase. 4,281 more words