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Boston: Where Julian Edelman can become a household name in the NFL

I was literally joking to my friend who goes to college in Boston that Boston is just the all white version of Philadelphia. It is in a left-leaning state, but there are almost zero non-whites (besides Nerlens Noel, the one who got away). 354 more words

African American Life

‘SNL’ Star Michael Che Won’t Apologize For Calling Boston The ‘Most Racist City’

Comedian Michael Che is standing behind the remarks he made about Boston being the “most racist city” that he has ever visited.

According to Mass Live… 206 more words


Charles Barkley Claimed He Got A Contact High From Hosting 'SNL' With Nirvana

Charles Barkley says he doesn’t smoke pot much, but there was a time that Nirvana didn’t give him much of a choice.

Barkley discussed his marijuana use Friday on Dan Patrick’s radio show, telling a funny story about hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest Nirvana. 365 more words


What Is Trump's Daily Routine? It Doesn't Involve the Duties of the President

Who is Trump? The best way to describe him is to compare him to the ‘front man’ in an infomercial. When he’s not partying at Mar-a-Lago, or holding 2020 campaign rallies, he’s watching cable television, or listening to Alex Jones. 288 more words

Paul Shaffer: SNL, Late Night, Life after Letterman, 'World’s Most Dangerous Band', ‘Happy Street’ with Bill Murray

Musician Paul Shaffer catches up with Dave Plier to talk about life after Letterman, his early days on Saturday Night Live with Bill Murray, providing the soundtrack on ‘Late Night’ and ‘Late Show’, a new album from the World’s Most Dangerous Band, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Chicago radio that introduced him to the sounds of the 60’s. 19 more words

Dave Plier

The Comedic Truth

Why SNL should continue to parody the Trump administration

“And live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” yells Melissa McCarthy as she flies off the screen on her podium in her Sean Spicer outfit. 1,003 more words

Too Many Ninjas

March 22, 2017-March 23, 2017 – I was at a vacation beach house. Upstairs, some guy was going on about how 30 Rock was no good anymore in Season 3. 265 more words