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A Sense of Wonder

When was the last time you left your house and just went and explored somewhere? When was the last time you got lost in a new place, went down a road you’ve never seen, or eaten at a place you’ve never heard of? 167 more words


In Praise of Spaghetti Bolognese

Let me tell you a story: a long long time ago, not far from this very boutique, I used to work as a chef in a chain Italian restaurant. 1,079 more words


Get Off Your High Horse!

There are professionals in about every subject and field known. It’s human nature to want to be the best at something. If we don’t strive for best, why do we try? 223 more words

Christian Living

Saturday thoughts

This morning, I went into town to do some last grocery shopping before the shops close and since calling it “this morning” is a bit of a stretch (it was past noon), I was running late for some of the stores. 676 more words

Crowded, snobby, laidback

Day 8 in the US. We spent the whole morning calling back and forth between our bank and mastercard in the US. Apparently An’s mastercard got copied somewhere and alot of strange transactions started to occur. 743 more words

Roadtrip USA 2017


My tango journey started the same as many before me. By being snubbed.

I started tango in a beginner friendly community. Most people were lovely. But I quickly realized that I was clearly invisible to certain people. 719 more words


#AnswerToAQuestion....Why are members snobs ?

Q : Why are members snobby. I was at a resort and bumped into a couple that are members and they wanted nothing to say or do with us. 45 more words

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