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Day 8 in the US. We spent the whole morning calling back and forth between our bank and mastercard in the US. Apparently An’s mastercard got copied somewhere and alot of strange transactions started to occur. 743 more words

Roadtrip USA 2017

Rant of 2/27/17 - Pretentious artists

Get ready for this rant. It may not make much sense since I get so fired up just thinking about it, but here I go: 375 more words



My tango journey started the same as many before me. By being snubbed.

I started tango in a beginner friendly community. Most people were lovely. But I quickly realized that I was clearly invisible to certain people. 719 more words


#AnswerToAQuestion....Why are members snobs ?

Q : Why are members snobby. I was at a resort and bumped into a couple that are members and they wanted nothing to say or do with us. 45 more words

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The Other Side 

There’s this snobbish guy I know since young. I tend to avoid him at dinner parties if I could.

Ever since I came back from college, rumors say that he likes me (his mother told me) and that was when I started avoiding him even more. 370 more words

Journey In The Great Perhaps

Why tango is snobby

When people really get into tango, it becomes fairly evident that group classes and a few private lessons aren’t really enough. Tango is a technique driven dance… 519 more words



You seem so oblivious

To what is otherwise obvious.

I’m amazed you can make do

Tying your own shoe.

Not to rain on your parade, … 157 more words