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Confession time: when comes to grammar and spelling, I’m a horrible snob. Not so much when someone is speaking, although I do cringe when I hear people say, “I seen”  instead of “I saw” or “That’s mines” instead of “That’s mine”. 818 more words


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These Are The Snobbiest Cities In Illinois!

Snobby people are everywhere- you can’t avoid them.

But did you know some cities in Illinois are snobbier than others?

Roadsnacks, a popular travel website, ranked the snobbiest cities are here’s what they came up with: 22 more words


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Snobby Sales People

Remember newcomers, Maria is teal and Ana is purple.

So to all of our reading population out there (the thirty people that maybe read our articles?) have you ever walked into a store and felt something was off? 945 more words


Tonic Syrup for the best Gin and Tonics

Don’t start drinking good gin.
Just don’t do it.
I made the mistake several years ago of branching out beyond Bombay Sapphire and it ruined me. 230 more words