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The Dogg Father

Here’s a real cool Snoop illustration I scanned…Snoop is still going strong after more then 20 years in the game. Respect the Dogg Father…….

Art by – Roberto Parada

Dec 2000

Hip Hop

Pope Hopes To "go un po' pazzo" on US Trip

Vatican City — The Holy See today released the itinerary for Pope Francis’ planned visit to the United States next September. But in a candid interview with… 195 more words

Prince Royce estrena nueva canción [AUDIO]

Prince Royce reveló el tercer sencillo de Double Vision –su primer álbum en inglés- titulado “Extraordinary”. El tema está producido por Rune Westberg y en él se puede escuchar al cantante rodeado de sonidos acústicos. 322 more words


Proposal for a new Reality TV show

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In this project we have to produce a Proposal for a new Reality TV show. I spent a couple of hours doing research on the internet on different types of Reality TV shows the types of Reality shows are competition, documentary and personality driven etc,also had to decide who is going to be my target audience .A while later I presented my findings to a group. 113 more words

Adobe After Effects

A Snoop Fan Gets Really High

Snoop Dogg is known for his marijuana-fueled crowds, so when he took to the stage of Firefly in Dover, De, it was no surprise that someone may get a little higher than the rest. 61 more words


Kanye Starts Beef With Snoop And Chris Brown

WOAH! It seems he is really upset about Snoop and CB dissing Caitlyn Jenner so he’s out to get em’ He’s making a new song and its all about calling them out. 15 more words


Bitches Be Tripping-The White Girl Edition: Starring Tess “Moby Dick” Holliday and Stephanie “Safe Space” Clattenburg

I read two unrelated stories today, had two Coronas, and suddenly, magic happened. Like when a Buddhist monk suddenly attains oneness with everything, I obtained awareness of certain higher truths that exist transcend matter and spirit. 1,025 more words

Feminism Outer Party