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In-the-Wild (organ) harvest?

Being a guitarist, I’ve never really devoted much time to organ harvesting. (Sorry: I never could resist a pun, the worse the better.) In fact, there’s a long-standing urban myth about people in the US being drugged and waking up to find themselves in a bath of ice minus one of their kidneys, which has inspired several books/stories, movies and TV programmes. 176 more words


Blue-Eyed Correction

I’d like to thank a reader today who pointed out that she checked with Snopes concerning a fun fact that I posted about blue eyes.  According to Snopes the predicted 100 year extinction of blue-eyed, red-haired people is an urban legend. 268 more words

Community Updates

Don't Be Ridiculous

Have you noticed the longer one lives, the more ridiculousness one experiences? And by one I mean me. Naturally, you wouldn’t know how much ridiculousness I personally encounter because you don’t know me. 590 more words


If I Read it on the Internet, It Must Be True

So listen up ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Everything that you read on the internet is not necessarily fact. Alas, it is true.

It seems that almost every day one of my FB friends share a post from one of their BFF’s, an article of great importance that is utterly and completely false. 212 more words