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Obama did not rename Mt. McKinley

Let’s get that straight now. Obama did not “re-name” the mountain. He removed the fake name that had been placed on top of the mountain’s real name. 260 more words


Snopes.com CEO Arrested On Charges Of Fraud And Corruption

Snopes.com editor attacks messenger, shoots pianist, leading police to discovery of corrupt and fraudulent practices inside the organization.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Snopes.com owners Barbara and David Mikkelson were detained by police today after an unrelated investigation of a Snopes.com editor lead police onto a paper trail of corruption, bribery, and fraud at the very heart of the fact-checking organization. 763 more words


Wear Sunscreen, Coke is good for you, I am single - really! Internet Hoaxes

PILTDOWN MAN was the hoax of the century.

However, the famous Kurt Vonnegut MIT commencement speech, Wear Sunscreen, has to be right up there with the… 408 more words

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On share posts (again) and why they need to stop

This guy can explain it. It refers to click bait, but the motivation is behind I reckon 99% of all facebook “share to care” and “share to warn” postings… 470 more words


Organized Misinformation on Social Security

Social Security has always had its critics.  Industrial CEOs are less than enthusiastic about paying their share into the system.  Wall Street investors would love to replace our Social Security system with a less reliable and more profitable program to their firms.  942 more words


Pastor Manning Complains of Gay Semen in Starbucks Coffee

Late last year, Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH Worldwide Church released a YouTube video in which he accused the Seattle-based coffeehouse chain Starbucks of intentionally adding gay semen to its drinks to enhance flavor and increase sales.  300 more words


An Obama Executive Order Legalizes Slave Labor In America

The Common Sense Show

Following yesterday’s article dealing with how Obama is positioning to control all food through nationalizing the resource, the trolls have been out in force. 93 more words