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Clintonism Is Just 21st Century McCarthyism

Propaganda Against Russia

Nowadays, it feels like the White House is doing everything in its power to blame things on Russia. Honestly, I probably don’t even understand exactly HOW much propaganda is being put out there for the masses. 1,277 more words


My open letter to SNOPES regarding their OPINION about Hillary laughing about getting a child rapist off the hook

Recently I’ve become annoyed with people citing Snopes opinion that Hillary Clinton laughing about getting a child rapist she knew was guilty off the hook as “mostly false” 760 more words


Hillary's Teleprompter Debate Rigging?

A modem light, a teleprompter, hand signals, and a man directly involved in negotiation and production of major candidate’s debates.

Two men that are not workmen, but a part of Hillary’s stable, approach Hillary’s podium before the debate and work behind it while on their knees. 811 more words


Fact Checking

I won’t pontificate on my views form last night’s first presidential debate. I don’t care what side you’re on, but I encourage you to check the facts of not just the presidential nominees, but also your local politicians as we approach election day.   220 more words

Why Centralising Information is the Ruination of Critical Thinking - Part Two

***Here is part two of my thoughts on the subject of centralising information. This follows on from part one posted on September 21st 2016… 1,245 more words


Driving Through the Middle

Snopes carried an interesting piece today. Kim LaCapria sat down with Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson and his running-mate Gov. Bill Weld. It isn’t unusual that presidential candidates, especially 3rd party candidates, talk to reporters ( 482 more words