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Hotel Key Cards: not usually a Security Issue

I first heard alarming stories about hotel keycards over a decade ago, though I don’t think I’ve written about the issue recently, or outside the healthcare organization I then worked for: I only started to blog publicly some time after I started writing for… 308 more words


Caught My Eye...

Freedom, well, that’s just some people talking. Your prison is walking through this world all alone. – The Eagles (Desperado)

Welcome to the big show – on Friday the 13th of November – let’s be careful out there! 1,177 more words

Jon Tester

Crying Wolf: People Who Lie Like Dorothy Bland Hurt Race Relations

Recently, a black woman named Dorothy Bland, the Dean of the School of Journalism at the University of North Texas, wrote an opinion piece for  1,458 more words


Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: signs from gods, prayer and decoupage

Theists often claim that they see a “sign” from their god. These claims usually revolve around pareidolia, but occasionally there is a claim of a relic or divinely-touched item. 1,029 more words

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation

Is there a Snopes for Snopes? When opinion leads to double standards

So I’ve always loved Snopes. Back in the distant past of the internet, it was one of the few fact checking sites out there and I wasn’t to shy about submitting information supporting their case of adding extra wrinkles to the rumours. 251 more words


That Facebook Pic Is Not a Frozen Alaskan Tree Frog

A widely-circulated image of a frosty frog is probably of a garden ornament. For the real survivor, watch the video.

I don’t like to click on links friends post on Facebook because I don’t want Facebook to know that much about my interests (not they it doesn’t have other ways to find out). 354 more words

A Pastor's Dilemma: When People Are Wrong on the Internet

Someone was wrong on the internet this week.

I will let you have a couple moments to calm down from that shocking realization before I tell you who it was.   775 more words

Beyond The Talking Points