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It's No Myth: LPR Announces Guest Editor for Winter 2016 Issue

When the Winter 2016 theme of Myth was announced to the LPR staff, I felt a flutter of possibility ripple through my body. I’d just returned from Italy, having done my fair share of cavorting before various Roman temples, and my mind immediately turned to the… 728 more words


The REAL Reason Your Eyes Get Red After Swimming In A Pool

According to the CDC, we now know what causes your eyes to get red  after being in the swimming pool and it’s not good news… 159 more words


The War against Beards

Someone is waging a systematic war against beards. I don’t know who, but I suspect whoever is responsible is a pawn of global capitalism, which puts its machinery behind the elfin androgyny of a Miley Cyrus or a Justin Bieber, neither of whom could sport a beard if they wanted to. 650 more words

Poltergeist (2015) - A Review

It has been only a few short years since I watched Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist (1982) for the first time. I grew up with it being linked with… 488 more words

The Phantom Rapist

TW: rape

Dear Dad,

Do you remember that story about what rapists look for in victims? I do. It was a chain email that Mom shared with me in middle school. 537 more words


Mad Markers of Mansions: myth or miscreants?

You smell gas, your legs no longer work, your husband sees a dark stranger outside, a neighbour picks up a cloth, sniffs it and keels over . 704 more words

Technology Of The Future or The Present Day?

I believe this to be true.

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall to spy on what’s going on or being said? 229 more words