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Jackie Chan Is Alive And Well ...

“News” on social media such as Facebook and Twitter is rather like the tabloids of old: unreliable, sensationalized, fictional.  And sometimes dangerous.  Now, before I start, let me just say that I am no expert in the world of social media.  1,324 more words

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Real Life 'Road Runner' Tunnel Crash : FALSE, says snopes.com

Dang it. I SOOO wanted this story to be true…as long as no one actually got hurt of course. It just goes to show that if you put your message in front of people who are already receptive to hearing what you have to say – they are more likely to go along with it, without giving its validity a second thought. 63 more words

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Hillary Clinton Suppressed Minimum Wage In Haiti To 31 Cents

Today, child labor and trafficking are endemic in Haiti, particularly in the country’s manufacturing sector, which is outsourced to foreign companies.

In June 2009, the Haitian Parliament unanimously passed a law requiring that the minimum wage be raised to $0.61 an hour, or $5 a day. 57 more words

Treat Every Day Like April Fools Day

Today is April Fools Day. I have affectionately referred to this day as “Nerd Christmas” for years. People and corporations alike come together on this one day to make us smile in an extremely dorky wink-and-a-nod display. 406 more words

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My Response to Snopes' Response to Me

Claim: Snopes claims that Emory University students didn’t lose their minds over chalk graffiti that said “Trump 2016”

What’s True: Snopes focused on the media aftermath… 2,698 more words


Women's History: Wonder Woman

Random Wonder Woman Facts

-William Moulton Marston (psychologist) was the creator of Wonder Woman and the lie detector test (1913).

-Elizabeth Holloway Marston, Marston’s legal wife, came up with the idea of a female superhero and Olive Bryne, Marston’s second wife, inspired Wonder Woman’s appearance. 103 more words

Women's History

Airforce Snopes

The day Snopes lost its sense of humor.


Seriously, Snopes: if people are stupid enough to believe this The Onion image is real, you can’t talk them out of it.