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The E.A.R: Sharing Isn’t Always Caring


You’re browsing your Facebook newsfeed when you see this crazy article that you just have to share. You share it with a few friends who share it with a few friends until it’s gone far enough to appear on newsfeeds everywhere. 302 more words



Professional and domestic commitments aside, I was also working on the topic to write about, which delayed my regular blog. Then a friend suggested something that is saddening while being relevant and topical. 851 more words

Eva Bartlett debunk

Hokay, looks like recuts of that appalling video of “independent Canadian journalist” Eva Bartlett are making the rounds again. Her name is never mentioned, but you may recognize the picture: 106 more words

Fake News

Fakebook fakes ...

It was the “left wing cult” media, that were purveyors of the Fake news that Facebook now wants to protect.  The voters knew who the real fakes were. 181 more words


International Fact-Checking Day

April 2 is International Fact-Checking Day. It is apropos that it falls after April Fool’s Day. Unlike the jokes and pranks of yesterday, most of which are done in fun, fake or alternative “facts” are meant to mislead and deceive. 593 more words

Fake News

Confidence Manipulators

What’s below comes from something called “Snopes” when you put Donald Trump into the Google box. It begins with the term “hearsay” in its title and the nearby phrase “fact check” implying that its publisher is really truthful. 112 more words


Protect Your Boarding Pass?

There are a range of opinions regarding the importance of the information on your used boarding pass when you leave the plane.  In general it’s a good idea not to just leave it somewhere; rather, rip it up or shred it after you get back home or to the office. 58 more words