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A good problem to have

Today the problem appeared to be rain…it rained on me on the way, but amazingly stopped on the Hanauma Bay road.  I thought: It’s All Good! 565 more words

Hanauma Bay

Palmiers saved me...

I got up so early and swam so long (almost 3 hours!), that I was ravenously hungry after swimming.  Unfortunately, I had told myself that I would shop for some groceries today, because I didn’t want to get out in the day-before-Christmas crowds. 304 more words

One octopus for my birthday!

Well, being as I am now just 2 years from a possible retirement, and it is my birthday, of course I wanted to celebrate by seeing an octopus.  245 more words

Hanauma Bay

Snorkling Amateurs

Yesterday Mary and I went snorkeling off the beach on Elbow Cay, near Hopetown, Abaco.   We crossed up through the cholera cemetery to a hillside stairs that led down to one of those idyllic beaches you see in post cards, where the sand, finely ground coral, sparkles white and nearly pink and feels soft and pillowy under your feet.   634 more words


Swimming with Stingless Jellyfish

Swimming with jellyfish in a sea water lake in Togian Island, Central Sulawesi is one of the unforgettable moment for me.

There are only three places in the world where you can find stingless jellyfish, one is in Palau, Micronesia and the other two are located in Indonesia, precisely at Derawan in Kalimantan and Togian Islands. 204 more words


Snorkeling Tips

Principle of Snorkeling:

  1. Maintain Bouyancy – wear an appropriate size of snorkel vest
  2. Don’t swim alone – always have a partner with you
  3. Enhance your skill through practice in a safe place…
  4. 202 more words

Underwater Paradise in Togian Islands

Togian islands is considered as one of the best dive spot in Indonesia. There are a various diverse number or underwater species ranging from the macro to whale shark and Manta Ray.  292 more words