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4 Sights to See in Palau

It’s the great outdoors you’ll be wanting to be spending your days in this picturesque archipelago, but be sure to visit during the dry season (which is typically between September and May), otherwise you’ll likely be stuck with thunderstorms. 345 more words


Karimunjawa Island, Indonesia

Indonesia has a lot of Island that has their own beauty. One of them is Karimunjawa. Clear water, colorful coral and beautiful underwater world become their beauty. 87 more words


Ikei Island (take 2) | Oodmarai Beach/Mamasan Beach & another funky house!

Can you believe its been over a year since we visited Ikei Island! We loved it the first time we went so not really sure why it has taken this long to get back, I guess when you live on an island full of gorgeous beaches and various nooks and crannies to explore its not all that surprising, sad but true. 379 more words


White Rock (Palauea) Beach

One day after I got off work, my husband and sons had a picnic planned at White Rock Beach.  Wonderful!!  So I went home, put on my swimsuit, gathered some necessities, and we were off. 146 more words

The Little Clownfish From The Reef

Yesterday, I decided to spend my only full day here in Nadi by heading out to one of the little islands off the coast. I booked a trip through the hostel then eventually headed on an incredibly bumpy little motor boat, arriving absolutely drenched 45 minutes later. 465 more words