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Koh Phangan: Finally, the sun

After spending a rainy week in Koh Tao we were really looking forward to the three days of sunshine the weather report had been promising us on our arrival at Koh Phangan. 710 more words


Driftwood Snorkelling 

After days of routine that revolved around doing next to nothing we thought we should at least be a tiny bit active. Some other people at Driftwood had gone snorkelling with the dive centre down the beach and had loved it. 255 more words

Beach hopping in Curacao

We walk a few steps from our resort to a secluded lagoon. The approach is steep, marred with potholes though it matters little. We did not come to Curaçao or this place for paved roads. 300 more words

Swimming Sports To Try Out

We’re pretty good at beating the heat in Australia. Between air conditioning every building and the variety of ice cream available staying cool isn’t too much of a challenge. 597 more words

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Swimming with Penguins - Boulders Beach

If swimming with penguins is on your Bucket List then make sure you take a trip to Boulders Beach, just outside Cape Town. The ancient boulders which give the beach its name make for picture postcard views and the colony of African penguins who call this place home bring in tourists from all over the world. 104 more words



Stepping onto our 12 hour bus, we were shocked to find that the Indians do it better than here in Cambodia! There were no curtains on the buses meaning you just slept in a separate bunk but very near to the people next to you which was a very bizarre concept! 1,322 more words

Swim with Cape Fur Seals - Cape Town

For those who know about Cape Town’s reputation for Great White Sharks, swimming with seals just off it’s coast may seem like a ridiculous idea. However the theory is that the Atlantic side of the South African coast, as opposed to the Indian Ocean side, is a little bit cold for the White Sharks and as such you are safe to jump in the water with their favourite dinner. 119 more words