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NEW VIDEO: Cycling the Ningaloo Coast

It’s video time! I have finally completed the fourth episode in my cycle touring series. This one documents the seven days I spent exploring Western Australia’s Ningaloo Coast, which is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site renowned for the incredible diversity of sea life (and other natural wonders) it supports. Enjoy!


GUAMventure: Ypao Beach Snorkel Fun

March 14, 2017 – Tuesday 

When in Guam 🇬🇺 there is the beach; Ypao Beach that is! 🌴🌊☀️ A day before Tuesday, I had the most BORING day ever… the Guam hot weather really did not make my whole day any better. 713 more words


Is Sydney really one of the least fun cities in the world?

Surveys proclaiming cities more or less ‘liveable’ than others are generally useless, but more than one Sydneysider we met during our stay agreed with a… 825 more words


Kanumera Bay - Stunning

Having completed a 2 hour island tour there was still more than sufficient time for a walk along a significant part of Kanumera Bay which, if forced to pick a favourite between it and Kuto Beach, I would rate it higher – because, at least when I visited, it was less busy and there was more shade, from a combination of palms and the Auracaria columnaris pines from which the island takes its name, for those wishing to linger. 420 more words

Ile Des Pins

Zanzibar Holiday ~ Tanzania 

So Luke and I tried booking our flights with Emirates however the flights we needed to catch were all over booked. We made alternative arrangements and ended up flying with Rwandair (Dubai – Kigali – Dar Es salaam). 346 more words

Los Tuneles- an alien landscape...

Imagine an alien planet.

A rough barrage of waves seemed to defend the calm oasis of glassy water you are now cruising through. The small fishing boat you peek out of, was artfully steered here, by a missionary experienced in navigating the hostile ocean. 1,534 more words

Swimming in Yal Ku Lagoon

Oh my word!! This was such an awesome experience!! The Yal Ku lagoon is a gem… I have read that some people have even seen sea turtle here (we weren’t SO lucky!!), but despite that, we saw a gazillion fishies!! 192 more words