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Fluffy Chops

The fluffiest of chops.

One of my primary weaknesses with digital art is actually drawing anything. So- how about we combine something traditional with something digital? 628 more words


To Survive Living High

From the deepest oceans to the highest peaks, and from the hottest deserts to the Earth’s poles, there is life that has evolved incredible adaptations to survive in their extreme environments… 647 more words

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  This is a wonderful post about the mystery of how snow leopards survive at high altitudes. If you're interested in learning more about one of the most mythical cats of all, be sure to visit Katey's blog! As someone who has studied snow leopards in Mongolia, she has many insights about this species and the people who live alongside them. You will not be disappointed!

Snow Leopards

What a week.  Only 6 days after an incredible encounter with Pallas’s Cats near Qinghai Lake, I have been so lucky (again!) to spot not one but two SNOW LEOPARDS near Yushu in Qinghai Province. 1,022 more words

Milwaukee Tools Company Picnic at the Zoo

Son-in-Love George’s company, Milwaukee Tools, held its picnic at the zoo. It was a good place and there were many small children.  They handed us Milwaukee t-shirts as we entered. 225 more words

Mequon WI

Close Encounter of the Rare Kind

Australian skiers in Kashmir got a lot more adventure than they bargained for when they spotted a legendary Snow Leonard, almost hidden in the snow. 71 more words


Long Snow Leopard Silk Scarf available soon!

MK Nature Design is excited to soon be releasing her new Long Snow Leopard Silk Scarf!  The price is only $50 CAN.  It is printed with her unique nature design Snow Leopard, shown here. 258 more words

MK Nature Design