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4 dec: Sunday funnies

My Wolop Advent Box colour of today is:

very similar to the brown I used yesterday! It’s stopping me right in my tracks. I start thinking about frogging yesterday’s part but I don’t want the frogging and reknitting to become a habit. 371 more words


I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again.

Once again I am in a mood to write.

1,019 more words

Hemis National Park - Kingdom of the Grey Ghost

“… Vast sheets of snow cover the land as far as the eye can see… Nothing breaks the stillness of the jungle, where trees once full of leaves stand covered in snow, as if silent observers of the happenings of the forest. 868 more words


Shad enjoys watching the snow leopards

Spring-watch, Harry Potter, Wonders of the Universe and Planet Earth are some of my favourite shows to watch on television. So when John called me in from the kitchen last Sunday night as Planet Earth II was about to start, my little paws hurried across the lounge and I hopped on to my favourite end of the sofa, sniffing it furiously before turning around 3 times and adopting my front facing semi-alert crouch down posture. 391 more words


Snow Leopard - Beyond the Myth

Snow leopard (Uncia uncia) is a keystone species, typically found at an elevation of 3,000-4,000m. They are the icons and vital components of the biologically rich yet often neglected alpine ecosystems of Central and South Asia. 281 more words


Weaving and spinning stories in the middle of fieldwork.

Spiti is fascinating in so many ways that it is difficult not to get bewitched by one of its myriad spells. Beauty comes in several avatars here. 875 more words


Planet Earth II: Episode 2 - Dancing Bears for John Lewis Advert 2k17

Bears. Big, dancing, bloody bears.

After Planet Earth  returned with a bang after a decade with Iguanas vs Racer Snakes (if you just added ‘Giant’ to the front of that you’d have a decent film. 621 more words