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Snow Leopard, Seals. Santas and Family in NYC

Central Park Zoo.

Seals at Feeding Time Central Park Zoo

Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

Mark and Erika and the kids with Aunt Mary after the Christmas Spectacular



Snow Leopard to El Capitan via Migration Assistant

Ambitiously I thought I would try sucking through years of emails and documents for a client from a Snow Leopard Mac Pro to a new Mac Pro running El Capitan using the Migration Assistant Utility. 256 more words

The Farmers Daughter: Why Being Cute Matters

The image below on the left is of a snow leopard, these stunning creatures are endangered (Jackson et al., 2008). The image on the right is the eared worm lizard, perhaps not as stunning but critically endangered (Cogger & Hutchinson, 2010). 376 more words

The Farmers Daughter

How to run an old version of OS X

We cannot all run the latest Mac and the latest version of OS X. Away from the enticing displays and glitz of Apple’s stores, many users are still running versions as old as 10.6.8 – sometimes even older – and have neither the desire nor the budget to change. 1,062 more words


A Day at the Zoo

OK, so I’m well aware that I’m going to offend some folks here – mainly, the type who believe that exhibiting any sort of animal is unconscionable, regardless of if it is for entertainment, education, or anything else.  466 more words

Cats ~

“Arise from sleep, old cat,
And with great yawns and stretchings…
Amble out for love”
Kobayashi Issa

Cat Superstitions