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Beef Stir Fry

The homemade stir fry sauce used in this recipe is a total game changer!  That, and the tender sliced flank steak and fresh snow peas, complete this dish!   354 more words

Beefy Barley with Spring Vegetables

     I love Barley and I’m always figuring out new ways to cook it.  This is an excellent side dish chock full of protein and vitamins.  Low in fat and high on flavor.  140 more words


The light moves up as the sun goes down.

A picnic on blankets and chairs. His wrinkled cheeks under his chubby ones. Her hair cascading down her growing back. My toes, tiny, covered in dirt and red polish. 43 more words

Not Vegetables


My thumb is split and splitting more yet. My nails peel and my scalp hurts. My heart is sore, my mind spins, and old fearful aches returned home to roost. 79 more words


Chilli Jam - take 2 and update on vegie garden.

I have been going to make another batch of chilli jam for a couple of weeks now but the first time I didn’t have enough sugar and then last week I realised that I didn’t have another Cider Vinegar.  233 more words


"Ap PEAS ment"

Appeasement:  bringing about a state of peace, quiet or contentment; conciliatory action that satisfies or soothes…

The sun is shining.  The daffodils are blooming.

The first planting of snow peas is emerging. 8 more words

Sunshine Rice with Snow Peas and Mushrooms

Spring is in the air around southern Michigan: the geese are back from the south, snowdrops are blooming, and all the trees are covered in buds ready to open with warmer temperatures. 236 more words

Allergen Free