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Better Luck This Year?

The other night, my dear husband and I hopped off to the hardware store to get supplies for starting out seedlings indoors. Last year was so dreadful. 349 more words

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Blackie, II

Last month I featured Blackie, I (aka: Blackie Moe) in one of my posts. Today I bring you Blackie, II (Blackie Boo). As you can see in the top picture, he is trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue. 84 more words

Amy Davis Art

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, That Is All We Mostly Got In Anniston

I am seriously thinking about making my own “Let It Snow” parody called “Let It Rain”, because here in the Golden Springs area of Anniston, that is all we mostly got.   293 more words


Lessons from Levi: Snow Day 2015

If you follow me and you’re not from the South, y’all probably laugh at us at our reaction to snow. We close things down a day early and our news talks only of the “severe weather.” Children and teachers alike sit on bated breath hoping for a snow day, if we’re all honest, ends up most of the time being a “rain day.” My old school system has gotten out 4 days in the past two weeks due to the inclement weather; but if I’m completely honest, the kids should have gone to school all 4 days. 234 more words

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Lessons in Photographing Snow

This morning it snowed in Dallas. White fluffy flurries fell down from the sky and it was lovely. But as luck and Dallas area weather would have it, it didn’t really stick to the ground or stick around for very long. 248 more words

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Lucy's first snow experience

Yesterday, Feb. 16, Kingsport received its first good snow this winter as Winter Storm Octavia crossed our region. It started snowing yesterday morning and remained pretty consistent into the evening after the sun went down. 285 more words


winter day {p,h,f,r}

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It’s been a little while since I joined in with a {p,h,f,r} post, and I wanted to do a little more, but….. 300 more words