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Sled Toboggan Sno Ski Sleigh Davos

Genuine Davos sled, toboggan or snowrunner made in Europe around 1950 with iron runners. Please note there are some borer holes visible, but is no longer active. 21 more words

Barrington Tops snow photos July 2020

Enjoy today, gone tomorrow…

One of the most beautiful aspects of snow is that it’s so very fleeting, especially in Australia.

Check out the photos from the Barrington Tops snowfall events 4 July and 14 July 2020, at the highest point of the Barrington Coast. 8 more words


Short Poem: O Early Snow

O early snow which slowly falls
as like when timid lover calls
with bashful, blushing cheeks,
and stuttering he speaks.
Such gentle openings may yet… 17 more words

Captian's Log

Poetry: Writer's Block....mercy!

Freezing to death,

then the paramilitary page,

slapping and thumping at the milksop fingers.

When you’re in the stuff,

all the pretty advice and adages… 105 more words

College Story: Snow Day!

Hello Flowers, I have a series on my blog called, College Stories. They are mini stories that I would like to tell about my university experience. 144 more words


A dramatic year...

It’s been too long since I wrote anything on Healing Prayer. Life seems to have had a way of slurping up the available hours in the day. 445 more words