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I did my best. When my son started coughing, I did my best to NOT CATCH whatever he had that was causing the problem. I was already coughing — admittedly it was a different cough — dry. 759 more words

Doubled Up

She was a genius, plain and simple. With the bitterly cold weather sweeping across the country, Jane had planned ahead. The wellington boots had been retrieved from the attic. 344 more words

Creative Writing

It's been a long day.

Today was going well until I spilt a cup of coffee! It went all over my laptop and my boyfriend spent an hour taking it apart and making sure it was still working. 58 more words

Snow and wind

sparkling like diamonds

deafening gusts lift powder

faint hearted stay home

I had a dream

It snowed in Vancouver yesterday. Enough snow that created mass havoc on the street. A truck fell flat on its side that closed the main road. 125 more words

Little Bird with Feathers

little bird with feathers

you tickle me pink

i pay attention to you

more than you think

you were created for purpose

and you may not know… 29 more words