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Something Only I Knew?

If you’re like me, you often sneak off to Urban Dictionary and Google to uncover what various shorthand acronyms mean. I usually take a stab at figuring them out myself before looking. 177 more words


Geneva, Switzerland and surrounding towns

November was a big month for us in terms of travel, and our last trip of the month didn’t disappoint. Any excuse to travel is good enough for me, and this one was a celebration of Diego’s brother’s birthday, as well as Diego and I’s anniversary. 880 more words


Much better than expected.

Albin sighs, groans and complains loudly like he always do after eating too many apples. I don’t feel the least sorry for him but I do feel sorry for me and the rest of us since his farts are toxic :-) They are so bad it’s impossible to stay in the same room as he. 388 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Part 279 - Ambrose Is Not In A Good Mental Place

The snow fell in feather-edged clumps, landing soft, landing silent. Landing all over Ambrose’s prone form.

He shivered in hard convulsions that made him warm and tired. 247 more words

Sunday’s Rain And Snow Chance

As the latest models come in the chance for snow is lowering. Although the chance for rain is getting higher. Not to say that some won’t see a few flakes. 20 more words


Winter Fun!

With Winter imminent, I have noticed that a number of Blog Posts are alluding to snow. Some are clearly not welcoming the inevitable, while others are expressing excitement (usually on behalf of their dog)! 211 more words

Just Thinking

Fox, feathers and fishing

Here I am doing a little ice fishing at the Land of Rainbows, with Hairy Styles my fox and a friendly heron for company. This rural sim is prettily decorated for winter, and offers visitors lots to do on their visit as they explore, including ice skating for singles and couples, and couple dancing. 114 more words