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Cheap/Simple Christmas decorating

With Christmas approaching, this may seem daunting and expensive to celebrate but it doesn’t have to be. I have managed to decorate my room with all the festivity’s for most certainly under £40 (inc a fake tree), however the price mustn’t be taken heavy heartedly as every year from now on I don’t spend a single penny as I simply reuse all that I have previously bought. 636 more words

It’s cold. It’s dark. Running? Do I have to?

I’ve not been well, you know. I’ll pause momentarily for sympathy… *deafening silence…tumbleweeds*… I’ve had a nasty cold. Which we won’t be referring to as ‘man-flu’ as, in these enlightened, post-modern times, it could be construed to be sexist. 1,329 more words


Golden autumn in Poland and Northern Lights chasing in Norway

It is exactly one month ago that I flew to Kraków, Poland. Little did I know that my mere one week spent in Kraków and Warsaw, Poland would become one of my top three most favourite trip and countries I have ever been, and that’s a big statement to make because I’ve been to over 20 countries and have travelled extensively for over 10 years. 1,694 more words

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