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This winter, I was hired on to a team of awesome people with a company called Destination Snow. Little did I know how lucky I was to meet these people and have a job where I get paid to board.  35 more words


The Artisanal Lifestyle with Alex Yoder

“It’s a special feeling when you remember to stop thinking in the mountains and just let gravity tell you what to do.” -Alex Yoder

Yoder shifted his career over the past few seasons, and more recently became the only American to join the Gentem Stick team. 60 more words


Getting the shot with Travis Rice

As a final hurrah to the 2014-2015 snow season, GoPro brought the world’s best skiers and snowboarders on a 3 day helicopter adventure in the deep backcountry of British Columbia at CMH Galena. 38 more words


Through the Lens: Yoho Rollers

In sticky spring conditions our crew was on our way home from a three-day portering mission into the Stanley Mitchell Hut in the Yoho National Park. 71 more words

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Following Frendly with Danny Davis and Jack Mitrani: It's all about history

Take a journey through history as Danny Davis and Jack Mitrani explore the world of the Frendly Gathering and how it all came together as they begin planning for this year’s Gathering.