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Josh Oakes lays down a hammer snowskate part

Ambition Snowskates and Josh Oakes put together one insane snowskate part over the course of the 15/16 season. Hammers for days.


Christmas in France

2016 was coming to an end and I couldn’t be more excited to go to France to celebrate Christmas with my family. My auntie is lucky enough to have a house in France with beautiful mountain views and 20 minutes from the ski resort. 741 more words

Does This 16 Year Old Pro Snowboarder Have The Ultimate Backyard?

Becoming a pro snowboarder takes hours of riding, hard work, determination, and probably a fair share of pain. Of course being a 16 year old prodigy with a private park in your backyard doesn’t hurt things either. 214 more words


Skiing vs. Snowboarding in Sask.

It’s a conflicting question for mountain goers every year: to ski or to snowboard.

Skiing used to be more popular on the slopes until the late nineties when snowboarding started attracting more and more people. 222 more words


Glisser sur un arc-en-ciel de lumières

Pour ceux qui aiment glisser sur la poudreuse, les cheveux au vent et la musique dans la tête, pourquoi pas ajouter un tapis de lumière sous ce rêve blanc? 191 more words


Ich glaube ich bin depressiv

Voll ernsthaft. Ich hatte ja versucht, das Wochenende konstruktiv zu gestalten und bin gescheitert. Nichts macht mehr Spaß.

Am Samstag bin ich um 6 aus dem Bett gepurzelt und in die Berge zum Fahrtechnikzentrum gefahren. 729 more words

Day 7 - Tomamu

First day on the slopes was always an exciting day. We came down to Mikaku for breakfast, only to be greeted with a 45min queue at 740am. 525 more words