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The Winter Olympics Suck

Watching the Winter Olympics is like listening to my wife. I know I should tune in and support, but it’s unbearable and boring.

I tried. I really did. 516 more words


What's the buzz? Coffee Hound

Sometimes we all need a caffeine-assisted kick in the butt, especially if some went a little overboard during apres the night before. Lucky for all of us both on and off the slopes, the Coffee Hound is our collective saving grace. 438 more words

Sunday River

WATCH: Snowboarding's Most Talented Slopestyle Rider Isn't In The Olympics "Beyond Medals"

You don’t have to agree with me, but Halldor Helgason is my vote for best slopestyle snowboarder living on the planet currently and you know what….he could care less about Olympic medals.  152 more words


Pyeongchang Day 13 Results

The busiest day in Winter Olympic history has given us our earliest finish of these Games by far. It’s funny how things like this often today. 507 more words

Gold Medal F-Bombs

In recent headlines:

USA Athlete Oversleeps, Loses Jacket, Wins Gold Medal and Drops F- Bomb on Live TV


Like a true millennial, Red Gerard stayed up late the night before a big day watching endless amounts of Netflix. 394 more words

F Bomb

Pyeongchang Day 13

This definitely doesn’t count as a preview. It is 2:30pm and a set of medals was already decided nearly a couple of hours ago. But it’s still worth posting about today because it is an unprecedented day in Winter Olympic history. 255 more words

Australia's Winter Olympics Disaster

Federal Minister for Sport Bridget McKenzie has announced an immediate Super Duper Royal Commission into Australia’s horrific performance at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. 476 more words