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Skier Attacks Snowboarder in Ski Rage Incident [NSFW Language]

A good reminder as ski season approaches that ski rage is a real thing and it’s just not worth it. Good on this snowboarder for realizing, be it after the fact, that there were plenty of opportunities to deescalate the situation. 14 more words


Beach Bum Aspirations

I’m sick, broken, splintered; just fragments, scattered across the misty blue and red horizon. A deep infinite blue tattoos itself in my eyes, followed by disgusting reds, greens, and yellows. 2,608 more words

News Segment From 1985 Shows Canadians Hating On Snowboarders.

We are happy to see that we as a community of snow riders have come a long way since the days of skiers vs. snowboarders. 


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our new line of customized hobby pin maps. golf, hiking (national parks) and skiing and snowboarding.

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bumpz & grindz

With Summer being officially over, we thought it’d be cool to make a throwback edit of the good times we had last winter at Four Lakes. Enjoy!