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The blurred boundary of changing seasons

As the year turns nature dresses and redresses herself in a succession of seasonal floral and foliage combinations. Mostly this is a gradual affair in my garden, but the boundary between winter to spring offers the sharpest of the mostly blurred, creeping seasonal changes. 144 more words

East Anglia


These pix are from after the last blizzard. Today’s blizzard conditions – wind and snow drifts – have made it hard for Hank to play outside.


Wind-sculpted snowdrift

I noticed this snowdrift up against our fence late this afternoon—and would love to learn more about the physics behind the beautiful swirls and ridges of sand dunes and snowdrifts.   32 more words

Natural World

That'll Do.

Hank’s pee route has been established.
Previously there were no stairs.


Snow and Bunchgrass in the Okanagan, or This Ain't Mexico

Look how the wind that takes the Okanagan’s water away in the summer creates drifts around the bunchgrass in the shape of its mounds, effectively concentrating the snow where the plants can gather it most efficiently. 46 more words

Nature Photography