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How to Draw Snowflakes

Yesterday, I uploaded a video to YouTube that shows four different ways to draw a snowflake with pen and colored pencils. This is the fourth and last… 165 more words


A Snowflake and a Phoebe

A snowflake and a Phoebe.


One of my favorite images during the recent snow storm was of my buddy, the Eastern Phoebe, with a perfect snowflake on it’s beak. 106 more words

Random Thoughts


As they fall through the sky, they’re all just identical little frozen particles floating through the air. But upon a closer look, they’re all unique, like people who share the same skin colour yet possess completely different features and traits, all so identical yet unique and beautiful in their own way.

Creativity is Contagious!

Sipping coffee, straight black and clear as mud, while appreciating how beautiful snowflakes are. No two snowflakes are alike, I have read. And you know, who does these studies? 303 more words


The Big Day!

By, Cheri

Dear Diary,

It’s finally the day, the day that I get to go explore the world with my sisters Abby, Kaydra, Arizona, and my little brother Nathan. 134 more words

Original Writings

Snowflake Diary

By, Tristan

Dear Diary,

Today my older sister jumped off of the cloud and my parents told me that she is not coming back home for a very long time. 71 more words

Original Writings

Snowflake Obsidian & Roses

Beautiful Handmade Silver Necklace with Snowflake Obsidian & Roses

What do you think about this necklace? Please tell me, thank you ;-)

You can find this necklace… 17 more words