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Snowflake (Part V)

I didn’t know that Labor Day weekend would be the last time I saw him. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say, but among my regrets in life, I wish I had known he would drift away from me starting that day. 1,274 more words


Snowflake (Part IV)

Given that I was unemployed at the time, I decided to take some time after he left to go home to Oakland in August. I figured it would help me recover some from the emotional rollercoaster of the summer. 800 more words


On Lin-Manuel Miranda & I feeling the same

Always a good reminder that we all beat ourselves up when the process feels slow.

Snowflake (Part III)

During the next few weeks, I felt closer to him than I think I ever had to someone I had only met once. We texted every day. 853 more words


Snowflake (Part II)

In April 2015, I was just over a month out of a relationship that lasted too long, with a guy with whom I was pretty fundamentally incompatible. 810 more words


Snowflake (Part I)

You know how snowflakes are always drawn? Always perfectly symmetrical. Always stark white on a high-contrast background. Always some cool geometric design inside. The kind of thing that you never actually encounter in real life because it looks so completely unnatural. 402 more words