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Ansel and the Snowflake

It was 8 PM and I’d been trying to photograph snowflakes all day. But try as I might, the wind was howling and I could only “harvest” bits and pieces blown off the roof. 136 more words


A Light in the dark

So, I am starting a little handmade candle company. I’ve decided to make some little affirmation cards to go with each candle based on their themes. 280 more words



Hey! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy in school :) so it snowed on Friday and I took some pictures…sorry I know they’re really bad but it was dark. 51 more words


Short Stories: ‘Snowfall’

A little something Christmasy a little late for Christmas ;)

The sky darkened over the rural countryside. Winter had arrived weeks before, and brought with it snow. 482 more words

Random Fact: Snow

The word snow comes from the Old English snaw, known as long ago as the 9th century.

Snow generally falls at a rate of between 1mph and 4mph. 72 more words


GFriend's "Snowflake" Review

Artist: GFriend
Album: “Snowflake”
Label: Source Music
Year: 2016


Over the course of time, groups in KPop come and go. Some stand the test of time while some disband. 184 more words


Still Ready for Snow

Today it was cold. It was 9 degrees when I rose this morning. But the sky was clear. It was so cold because the sky was clear. 375 more words