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Decorated and adorned — the mundane made profound — neighborhood houses become gingerbread with thick, clean frosting on the roofs. No longer differentiable between old or new, run-down or well-kept, each dwelling takes on an air of elegance. 522 more words

Budget Travel

Running Headlong Into Winter

Running headlong into Winter
The cold air forced inside my lungs
Stopping abruptly at the end of the dock
Arms out, catching a snowflake on my tongue… 32 more words


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Koalagate Scandal Uncovered

By Samuel Moyer



It’s no secret that Russian President Vladimir Putin harbors a deep hatred for koala bears. At only 5 years of age his entire family was mauled to death by a pack of starving koala bears at the Moscow Zoo after they had bravely jumped in to rescue the young dictator. 784 more words


DIY Christmas cards

These are the Christmas cards I made a few months ago.
The four versions in the image below are just a few from the total I made, with many more different icons and colored snowflakes. 192 more words


No swearing please

I’m in the gym again as my inability to put on socks without a run up is getting on my tits.

My man tits.

So, anyway, there’s a notice in here warning against swearing. 51 more words


What does DJT & Cake have in common?

They are both upside down.

We are nearing the 30 day mark into 45’s first 100 days on the job and not only is he off to the worst start in modern history, he has a historic low approval rating. 461 more words


You Can Take The Girl Out Of Dixie...

Actually no. No you cannot.

When I think of this current administration, the feelings that it invokes within me are best  described by my late Grandmother: 169 more words