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Kids being kids

Although the weather is a bit better, it’s still not good enough to go out.

The kids have been playing together all day!! (With no fighting or crying ((yay!)). 105 more words


Perfect Moments

As we were all watching the snow fall out side through our glass door, I realized that there is one family member that had never seen snow before. 35 more words

Snowy Days

Snowy days

Today we wake up this lovely weather. Who would of guessed that we would have snow..!! (Or something that resembles to it).

Today we shall stay inside where it’s warm watching movies and drinking hot chocolate.

Lots of Love,


Snowy Days

Lighting the Way

The days have become short and dark. Barely does a day begin when it ends. After I had sat on the windowsill for awhile watching the snow outside I decided it was time to turn on my brightest headlights. 19 more words

Winter Weather + Lots of Cooking

Here in Arkansas it’s a running joke that you can go through all four seasons in 24 hours but truly, it happens!  We had our first taste of winter last week with a little snow and temperatures in the teens.  382 more words

Snowy Days

Hey guys,

Out of all of the years I have lived in the Northern Hemisphere, autumn and winter have always been my favorite seasons. I love the crisp, cool air and how you get that chill down your spine with your friend puts snow down your back. 140 more words

Don't Go Hiking in Keds - Mt. Rainier

We were going horseback riding in Elbe, Washington when we discovered that Mt. Rainier National Park was just a short drive away. What a pleasant surprise, we thought. 369 more words

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