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“The K2″ep 16 ~ Je Ha:”Get us out of here!”

Yoo Jin and Sung Won are at Cloud Nine with the bomb. When Se Joon and Anna arrived at JSS headquarters, they were taken to Cloud Nine to be safe. 1,176 more words


“The K2″ep 15 ~ Bomb at Cloud Nine!

Director Gook betrayed Yoo Jin and brought Sung Won, with a bomb, to Cloud Nine. Je Ha pretends to be on Park Gwan Soo’s side and leaves Cloud Nine to go and kill his enemy. 1,080 more words


“The K2″ep 14 ~ Anna:”Je Ha…I love you!”

Je Ha is badly hurt. Yoo Jin brought him to Cloud Nine to hide him from the police. Hearing that Je Ha was hurt, Anna kneel and begged Yoo Jin to let her see Je Ha…and Yoo Jin accepted. 641 more words


“The K2″ep 13 ~ Je Ha found evidence against Park Gwan Soo!

The witness that said Yoo Jin killed Hye Rin that Sung Won found changed his declaration. Se Joon had a press conference in which he transformed Hye Rin into a villain that blackmailed him to divorce his wife. 1,220 more words


“The K2″ep 12 ~ Yoo Jin:”Anna is my real daughter!"

Sung Won is using Anna in her new plan to destroy Yoo Jin. But Anna doesn’t realize that she is used as sword and trusts her uncle way too much. 669 more words


“The K2″ep 11 ~ Yoo Jin:”Come back alive!”

The mission K2 and the offensive team received started. But Park Gwan Soo already knew that they were coming and prepared his men. While running for his life, Park Gwan Soo entered a safe room. 705 more words


Yoona SNSD Mengaku Adegan Ciuman Membuatnya Lebih Dekat dengan Ji Chang Wook

Dalam sesi wawancara terbarunya, Yoona SNSD berbagi cerita mengenai perannya di drama “The K2” bersama dengan JI Chang Wook.

Yoona mengungkapkan, “Ji Chang Wook adalah seseorang yang saat bagus dalam hal memimpin. 87 more words

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