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Warm smile


I feel like I’ve been freezing cold from the second I got out of bed this morning.

Right now I’m smiling because I have 3 layers of clothing, a onesie, a wooly dressing down, and a duvet wrapped round me. Warm at last!

Round 4 FA Cup: A Liverpudlian Lullaby

It was an uneventful FA Cup tie this Saturday at Anfield, when Liverpool ended even with West Ham United at 0-0.

West Ham went into the match as favorites, as the Liverpool XI they faced was dominated by young, inexperienced names. 523 more words

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A Freezing Christmas Carol (So Cold)

We love caroling, but we also love not freezing to death! Though caroling is always incredibly fun, it’s also often accompanied by the unbearable cold, which often keeps us barely on the edge of sanity as we struggle to juggle the task of singing in tune and not having our lips fall off. 50 more words


What a chilly morning >_<

Most of the time it’s hard for me to wake up and I really dislike waking up because of alarm clock (which makes for 90% of my mornings), but cold makes it even worse. 72 more words



Smoke rises straight in the air,

So cold it could chill a bear…

All that fat and fur

Like it never “were”, 10 more words

By Jonathan Caswell

winter is coming

“Haley, it’s 35 degrees outside,” I say to my roommate. Mutual groaning ensues. Holy crap. Seriously. IT’S OCTOBER. This is insane. Especially when I’m completely unprepared for this weather since I conveniently don’t happen to have any of my winter clothing with me. 569 more words

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