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What a chilly morning >_<

Most of the time it’s hard for me to wake up and I really dislike waking up because of alarm clock (which makes for 90% of my mornings), but cold makes it even worse. 72 more words




Smoke rises straight in the air,

So cold it could chill a bear…

All that fat and fur

Like it never “were”, 10 more words

By Jonathan Caswell

winter is coming

“Haley, it’s 35 degrees outside,” I say to my roommate. Mutual groaning ensues. Holy crap. Seriously. IT’S OCTOBER. This is insane. Especially when I’m completely unprepared for this weather since I conveniently don’t happen to have any of my winter clothing with me. 569 more words

New York City

What's Cooler Than Being Cool? ICE COLD!

Remember a year ago when everybody and their sister was dousing themselves with ice water? Yeah, I did it too (in the alley outside Space 55, with Glen AZ filming it). 24 more words

Space 55

Bare Branches by jdr

We live like ghosts —faint, unattached to our heartbeats, as they throb so deep, then deeper yet. Each rib separated—our pulse faded with the pale moon looking at each thought we left on a bird’s wing too soon with our bare branches showing.  21 more words

What Was Never Said


This comes to us via our New York music network. Commendably everything takes hold. The studio setting for the video actually works well for the gritty way that the tune is styled. 86 more words

Video Stream

Saturday, April 18, 2015 : 136 Days

Tonight my roommate Emmi Beth and I tried to sleep in our hammocks in the Pine Grove.  Tried being the main word, because about 2/3 hours into our sleep out some serious wind from the north started to blow.   58 more words