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Growing up you dream of the future. You dream about what is coming, where you’re going,
and what your job will be. But, in the mist of your dream you forgot that you’re aging and getting closer and closer to having to have life questions figured out. 133 more words

So College

i'm a sorority girl

so you saw our door stack, now who are we really.

Take away the Greek Letters, the houses, and the giant t-shirts, because we are just a bunch of girls trying to get by. 168 more words

So College

so, i'm back.

36 hours.

I had 36 hours from the second I got off the plane to the time I needed to be in Austin. Let me tell you, it isn’t enough time, but somehow it was done. 129 more words

So College

An Open Letter to Duct Tape

A few months ago a tragic event took place in my life. As I stood in line at cookout with my friends and drank my Diet Coke something started to feel “off” and out of place. 643 more words

Being THAT Freshman

I don’t know about you, but whenever I went out with my high school friends senior year, there was always that ONE person who would pipe up and say something like “Please don’t EVER do that in a frat” or “Yikes, I hope you don’t actually say stuff like that to people on campus.”  Of course, no one in high school has any idea what they’re talking about college -wise, but we all like to pretend we know a crap-ton because we have an older friend who let us sit in their dorm for 30 minutes or we watched the first few seasons of Blue Mountain State.  575 more words

Freshman Year

Another Day, Another Dorm

currently listening to: Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King

Four months of summer have finally come to an end. There were pool days, european adventures, and panties….lots and lots of panties. 139 more words