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Let's Talk About College Admissions! My Journey and Some Advice

Recently an underclassman friend of mine texted me asking for some advice about the college process and summer programs and the like, which prompted me to think back to the summer before my senior year, and where my head was at in the months before the college admissions process… 1,460 more words

facing reality.

21 hours.

Plus three hours of lab

Plus going to schools to start student teaching.

Equals not enough time in the day.

Or, not sleeping… 31 more words

So College

a letter to you


I really needed you the most this past year. I needed you to be there and be around and be my shoulder when I couldn’t do it alone. 235 more words

So College

just a little soap box

I’m catholic.

Now, that comes with a lot of baggage. I’m sure you’re thinking of quite a few right now, but stop. I’m just here to say this… 79 more words

So College

you're gone...

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I don’t really do emotions. I do sarcasm covered in more sarcasm, and if you look really really closely you may see a hit of feelings. 505 more words

So College

so biking...

So, I started riding a bike around campus and it is an adventure. Here are the rules I have learned.

First you have to remember where you locked it up, if you don’t you spend two hours panicking thinking it was stole. 203 more words

So College

Ireland Ruined Me.

Now, before you think this is going to be rude, it isn’t. Take a deep breathe. Now you may read on.

Ireland Ruined Me. I am finished. 212 more words

Me Vs. Ireland