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So, neither, too

Isn’t it great when talking to someone we agree on almost everything?! ;)

But, of course, we need tools to express our agreement and here they are: 21 more words

English Grammar

If this
Is giving up
Then I’m giving up
On love.

The Perfect Date - So/Neither do I

This is an activity to practice short answers of agreement “So/neither do I”

Download the handout here:

so neither do I


We use the short answers “So do I/Neither do I” to express agreement or something in common that we have with another person. 494 more words


raideriism started following you


She let out a small laugh. ”We won’t
become corpses Lee. I’ve faced quite
a lot of those freaks. Though be
careful, they have dynamite.

40 more words


i’m sorry i just need this on my blog for reasons

Saffron - U Wish I Had a Penis...(and so do I) feat. Boy Funk

You do not need to be already tripping to say to yourself “what the fuck” after watching this one. Seriously this one is a mind-fuck.


March 13th, 2013 - "the cusp of freedom"

Stephen’s prompt: “the cusp of freedom”

My poem:

The coyote cries in the night
because he fears for his soul.
I’m no coyote
but nor am I whole.

Lord Dinosaur