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So, neither, too

Isn’t it great when talking to someone we agree on almost everything?! ;)

But, of course, we need tools to express our agreement and here they are: 21 more words

English Grammar

Seventh Semester: Neither do I, so do I

These  short statements for agreeing and disagreeing can be tricky. You have to know your verbs, and when to use the auxilary verb. So, here is some help for those of you who requested it: 148 more words

Seventh Semester

If this
Is giving up
Then I’m giving up
On love.

The Perfect Date - So/Neither do I

This is an activity to practice short answers of agreement “So/neither do I”

Download the handout here:

so neither do I


We use the short answers “So do I/Neither do I” to express agreement or something in common that we have with another person. 494 more words


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She let out a small laugh. ”We won’t
become corpses Lee. I’ve faced quite
a lot of those freaks. Though be
careful, they have dynamite.

40 more words


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Saffron - U Wish I Had a Penis...(and so do I) feat. Boy Funk

You do not need to be already tripping to say to yourself “what the fuck” after watching this one. Seriously this one is a mind-fuck.