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Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith

Ida Mae Jones dreams of flight. Her daddy was a pilot and being black didn’t stop him from fulfilling his dreams. But her daddy’s gone now, and being a woman, and being black, are two strikes against her.

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Everyday Granola Recipe

Helloooo everyone and happy weekend! My recent food obsession as of late has been all things granola. I love it plain, with yogurt, or with milk and thanks to my mom finding this delightful little recipe on… 387 more words


Mini Doughnut-Waffles

I am in the midst of exams at the moment and decided to do a little post that’s super-yum just to chill.

Here’s a really easy waffle recipe I found and absolutely love! 121 more words

Stygian by Santino Hassell - A Rocking Gothic Paranormal Romance

Jeremy has been isolated and adrift since the death of his brother. Most people just see him as the skinny emo kid who wears eyeliner and plays drums. 2,957 more words

Book Reviews

Live blog on Tyler Oakley's Binge: the finale

WOAH. We’ve already reached the end of this wild journey. Well, as you’re reading this, we have; but not as I’m writing this. As I’m writing this, we have around 35 more pages to go. 766 more words

Interview: SuperGlu

Header Photo credit : Milla Austin

Named by Gigwise as one of the 10 most exciting bands coming out of Essex at the moment, SuperGlu are made up of the two brothers, Ben and Alex Brown, along with Krista Lynch and Ben Ward. 812 more words


Croquettes For Elevenses

Alright! So my boyfriend, Steeles (yes thats his real name!), found this recipe on Imgur! This was our attempt at it! They are super delicious, highly recommended and i shall post the exact recipe at the bottom of this post! 262 more words