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Farwell From the Macarnoi Report

It is my unofficial duty to bid the official Macaroni Farwell to our graduating seniors. You have been with us for 13 years (more or less) and Greenville will lose a little more without you. 1,670 more words

Towel Day - Hoopy Frood #towelday

Today is Towel Day across the globe, mayhap the universe.

What is towel day you ask?

Towel Day is the celebration of the life and works of author Douglas Adams. 912 more words


Happy Towel Day and Don't Panic

A trilogy in 5 parts – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is one of my top 5 favourite reads. Towel Day is a celebration of the life and works of Douglas Adams. 236 more words


#TBT: So Long and Thanks for All The Fish, Book 4 of The Hitchiker’s Guide to The Galaxy Trilogy by Douglas Adams

[Originally posted on Goodreads December 7, 2014]

Arthur Dent has been on quite an adventure these past few years. After settling down on the planet of Krikkit for a while, he decides to go planet-hopping, and, somehow, ends up back on earth—the planet that was supposed to have been destroyed by the Vogons. 418 more words