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Stereotype Image Is Not All

From this video (uploaded in 2014), you can feel the stereotype image for Japan from another countries.

Govt of Japan is like ATM of the international organisations though, most of Japan Nation people have very tough life actually. 30 more words


Our Economy In ICU [2]

Last episode of Indian politoon(politics cartoon animation) ‘So Sorry!’ was uploaded in August 2013. This continuation(?) was uploaded in July 2014, at that time Prime Minister of India has already changed from Manmohan Singh to Narendra Modi. 91 more words


Our Economy In ICU

If you want to know about the current Japan’s economy situation, you can imagine it from this politoon(politics cartoon) animation which is made in India, the serial title is “So Sorry!”. 60 more words


April 7, 2016

The vicious cycle down in the depths. Needy, so needy it hurts. They can’t give enough, not to fill that void. It hurts when they try because nothing they say will convince you. 90 more words

Don't Use Kids to Sell Your Propaganda (A response to "So Sorry")

There is something that I despise more than other things.  I’ve seen the right do it a lot, but to be fair, the left does it just as much.  978 more words