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EBay + 9yr old =OH CRAP

*My 9 year old: “Hey mom guess what? I bid on a doll and I’m winning and it will be here this week.”

*Me: “um what do you mean you bid, like for real? 136 more words

A Day In My Life

Arachnophobia ×100

Anyone who knows me knows one thing: I AM TERRIFIED OF SPIDERS. I can’t even say “terrified” because what I feel is so much more. I don’t think there is a word to describe the sheer terror I feel because of those 8 legged creatures of death. 354 more words

A Day In My Life

MRI...Sure Why Not

Well, never a DULL moment when it comes to me….

Yesterday I came down with a nasty head cold and could not stop sneezing. I knew I had a MRI today for my knee. 171 more words

A Day In My Life

am i already a cranky old person?

day in, day out, i show up to State. i go to class, i study, i take notes, and i oscillate between accepting and hating these actually college aged students. 266 more words

I'm Laughing

This, I got.

Yesterday was surely just one of those days.

Do you have them too?

Veil thin days.

I could see no cause for this: no anniversary, no particular sadness, no burning question needing an answer. 360 more words


Yoga. That’s easy right?

Recently wrote an essay in my Personal Essay class about Yoga, check it out!


Yoga. That’s easy right? I started to think of all the reasons why it was time to find a new workout routine, or rather “a workout routine” seeing that I have yet to make a consistent appearance to the gym this semester. 2,650 more words