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Rejection hurts like a ...

Growing up , my mom did her best to prepare my sibilings and I for what to expect from the real world. You know, mom stuff like mind your manners, be good to those who aren’t good to you etc.But something I never really picked up she taught us was rejection. 665 more words

So This Happened...

YES, you read the title right . Instagram. I indeed found my self confidence from the social media platform. If you are a current user of Instagram you must know how incomplete and ashamed the platform must make you feel. 462 more words

So This Happened...

Th, June 1st 2017: First time out

About five years ago I decided to own a bike (which was a cheap fixie), which sadly I only used twice before it became a not so fancy dust collector. 1,226 more words


Why do I cycle?

I went out on my first ride today.

Quite a lot happened during this maiden voyage. But before that let me tell you how this whole thing started. 226 more words


I was dared & I did ..

Remember that post I made about wanting to challenge myself and do some dares during my time in Italy? Well the results are in people I have  completed like…. 315 more words

So This Happened...

The one about how I (nearly) chopped off my finger...

As you may or may not know, I nearly amputated my fingertip. Here’s how it happened:

It was a normal Friday morning, I had enjoyed a slice of carrot cake (from the day before) for breakfast and thought it would be a great idea to thaw some salmon for Mysse’s dinner. 456 more words

Life Story

Read me when feeling negative. 👎🏾

Before coming to Italy I had this idea that my entire life was going to change for the better.Someway and somehow when I returned home I would be a new woman. 367 more words

So This Happened...