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New Beginnings

You know who likes change? Not most people, in my experience.

We’ve all known (or been) someone who stayed in a relationship to long. Or didn’t quit a job for fear of the alternative. 662 more words

Health & Well-Being

EBay + 9yr old =OH CRAP

*My 9 year old: “Hey mom guess what? I bid on a doll and I’m winning and it will be here this week.”

*Me: “um what do you mean you bid, like for real? 136 more words

A Day In My Life

Arachnophobia ×100

Anyone who knows me knows one thing: I AM TERRIFIED OF SPIDERS. I can’t even say “terrified” because what I feel is so much more. I don’t think there is a word to describe the sheer terror I feel because of those 8 legged creatures of death. 354 more words

A Day In My Life

MRI...Sure Why Not

Well, never a DULL moment when it comes to me….

Yesterday I came down with a nasty head cold and could not stop sneezing. I knew I had a MRI today for my knee. 171 more words

A Day In My Life

am i already a cranky old person?

day in, day out, i show up to State. i go to class, i study, i take notes, and i oscillate between accepting and hating these actually college aged students. 266 more words

I'm Laughing

This, I got.

Yesterday was surely just one of those days.

Do you have them too?

Veil thin days.

I could see no cause for this: no anniversary, no particular sadness, no burning question needing an answer. 360 more words