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Read me when feeling negative. 👎🏾

Before coming to Italy I had this idea that my entire life was going to change for the better.Someway and somehow when I returned home I would be a new woman. 367 more words

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Found a cute hibiscus in Grandma’s front yard, Vero Beach, FL

Thank you, Nature!

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Not Today, World

Hello, lovely readers! I hope your week’s okay so far.

   I know I said I would have a story today, but I’ve got something different: two stories about why I… 450 more words

At least we have a story (Thanks Southwest)

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Of course we have lots of stories. And our honeymoon was full of wonderful moments until the end. Everyone has survived some sort of travel nightmare. 1,023 more words

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Today has been a long day. A very long, sad day. What makes it worse is that some people don’t even understand why people are so upset. 444 more words

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I’ve been thinking about my pain condition recently, and it occurred to me to wonder – would I be asexual if I wasn’t in constant pain? 292 more words

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So This Happened: Life Gets Wet Sometimes

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That sudden summer storm always hits at the worst possible time. I drove into work last week because I had an appointment that afternoon. 348 more words

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