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Because We Love The Beastie Boys... And The Muppets Do Too!

Enjoy The Muppets performing the classic Beastie Boys hit “So What’cha Want” . Starring the Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beeker. Video by Mylo the Cat. – MJ

Published on Aug 11, 2014


Video: Muppets, Beasties Mash-up

No, it’s not Mike D, MCA, Ad-Rock but it might be even better. Why? While it is a Beasties song, this time, it’s performed by the Swedish Chef, Beaker and Animal. 37 more words


Beastie Boys Series (Updated) - The Sounds Of Science Anthology

I was fortunate to find a gorgeous, as-good-as-new used copy of this 2CD, 1999 anthology. Why I’m just getting a copy of this thing of beauty now (it was released 15 years ago) is beyond me. 763 more words

Beastie Boys: The Series - Awesome I Fuckin' Shot That! (DVD, 2006)

You all know the concept. Beasties threw a concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC 2004-10-09 – of course, it was sold out. They gave cameras to 50 people in the crowd and let them film the whole thing. 990 more words

Beastie Boys: The Series - Root Down EP (1995)

Ah, Root Down. I love this song.

This EP was released after Ill Communication, and at first I wasn’t sure I needed to own it. I had all the songs, right? 355 more words