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Fee on-demand SOA Suite 12 and BPM Suite 12c Bootcamps

In March and April we offer free on-demand Bootcamps for SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c. For details and registration please visit the training calendar… 532 more words


More chaos as an OWSM policy by Jeroen Ninck Blok

Errors & failures

So it is very easy to implement a happy flow. However handling errors, rolling back transactions and recovering from errors and failures can be quite challenging. 366 more words


Configuring Amazon RDS as the Oracle SOA Suite Database by Fabio Douek

We are proud to announce that RDS support is fully integrated and certified against MyST 3.8.2, which was released on 15/Jun/2016. To know more about MyST visit: … 511 more words


MFT Embedded servers are not starting in SOA suite 12.2..1.0.0

Issue –> Both the FTP and sFTP Embedded servers in Oracle MFT domain are not able to be started. When the start button is clicked, the embedded server status moves from Stopped to Failed. 667 more words


MFT Notification Template Variable "TARGETNAME" is not coming in email

Issue–> If your familiar with using post transfer notification in MFT , then you might have faced this issue.

In Email template file if you add the target name and target endpoint reference, then you wont get those details in your Email and some times you will get below error. 20 more words


MFT File rename function failing with, 'Error occurred while moving or renaming a file after sending' in SOA Suite

Issue –> When we are using rename function using SFTP remote , we will get the below error.

Error –> 

<Error> <oracle.soa.adapter.ftp> <BEA-000000> <Exception while setting up session… 161 more words


How to Export and Import ESS jobs in different Environments in SOA Suite

In this post we will see how to Export and Import ESS jobs in different Environments in SOA Suite

Follow the below steps to export and import . 94 more words