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SOA 12c – EDN Logging by Siva


In 12c EDN uses Weblogic JMS to publish and deliver the Business Events. So edn-db-log (which we use in 11g) will not work when Weblogic JMS is used. 110 more words


B2B 12c – What’s New! by Tiago Teixeira


This post serves as the first of a series of posts dedicated to Oracle B2B. What better way to start this series than to highlight the many new features have been added to Oracle B2B 12c which can change the landscape of the target usage for B2B. 159 more words


Business Process Mapping

Provide a single window for SOA implementations, burberry pas cher, Oracle is packaging together several of its existing middleware products such as Oracle Fusion SOA Suite. 22 more words

Business Planning

Mengeruda Hotspring

Gaya banget ini judulnya Mengeruda Hotspring, iya, dikasih judul gitu karena pada saat kita mau jalan-jalan kesana, orang ende bilangnya “pemandian air panas soa” tapiiii pas d waze ternyata ga ada, padahal kita berangkat kesana ga ada yang ngerti lokasinya 😂😂 jadi kita cuma mengandalkan waze, dan gps (gunakan penduduk sekitar😂). 632 more words


B2B 12c - Listening Channel activation and deactivation in bulk Bruno Neves Alves


With the version 12c of B2B the possibility to activate and deactivate all listening channels in one single command was introduced. Previously, it was necessary to provide the name of the listening channels to perform the action, what, in scenarios with a considerable number of listening channels, made the task ineffective. 195 more words


SOA - The Prospect - Game review

Those of us who are SOA fans (and of course the OTHER SOA fans) have keenly awaited the arrival of this game ever since it was announced via an advertisement card that was shamelessly stuck inside the Season 7 DVD case. 239 more words

SOA Suite 12c: Topology Suggestions by Jay Kasi


In this article, I make some suggestions and provide opinions on topologies recommended in SOA Suite 12c.

· Typically Service Bus and SOA Suite belong in different tiers in an end to end architecture so they would be in separate domains. 312 more words