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Soaked Buckwheat Pancakes

My Dear “Kindred Spirit,”

So one thing I’ve noticed about the south: apparently they don’t believe in buckwheat down here.

It’s super sad. ‘Cuz I’m kinda in love with buckwheat right now. 1,208 more words


Soaking Grains

I am relatively new to the concept of soaking grains, and I’m in no way a nutritionalist or scientist, but my internet searches and research have lead me to believe that it’s a way to make more nutrients available from the cooked grain than not soaking.   349 more words


Soaked whole wheat and farro lemon chia poppy seed waffles

These waffles are amazing!

Don’t let the long name frighten you. The recipe is E-ZEE!

This brunch superstar has the lightness of any of the best… 907 more words


Soaking Grains and Nuts

I’ve read a lot about Nourishing Traditions which is about eating the way our ancestors did. What brought me into this is that I have food intolerance’s big time. 550 more words


Soak. Your. Nuts

So if you’re reading this I can assume you have an interest in health. If you have an interest in health I will assume you have heard of the ‘activated nut’. 854 more words


Fussy Oatmeal

So it’s taken me much longer to write to you about oatmeal than I though it would!  Funny how life does that.  Our wee Nalia decided to have herself an adventure by trying out the world of seizures.   1,254 more words

What We're Cooking

what i have learned

Is that on really bad days, days that seem to be popping up more frequently as of late, is that it is possible for everything I touch to turn to shit. 746 more words

Gluten Free