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Blueberry Muffins

It’s a necessity in our house to have snacks readily available and I want to know that I can grab a quick bite, and still be nourishing my body! 424 more words


Simple porridge: the ultimate low-waste breakfast or snack

If you’ve never cooked real porridge before, then give this a go.

Two minutes’ prep the night before, followed by a bit of attention in the morning (while I put last night’s dishes away and make coffee), and an icy winter morning is transformed into a cosy bear’s cottage in the woods… 1,037 more words


Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Rinsing Rice and Grains

When cooking rice and grains, most people just put them in a pot with the requisite liquid and follow the directions for cook time. There is a crucial step that is often over looked, and that is rinsing. 280 more words


Why soaking your grains helps with weight loss and diabetes

by Rosemary Hansen

Why soak grains?

You can soak grains before cooking or baking them. Soaking grains (and nuts, seeds, and legumes) helps to neutralize phytic acid, an anti-nutrient, present in them. 694 more words

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