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Soapy Hack...

I’m loving this antique toothbrush holder that I upcycled to a soap dish. I was going to hang it on the wall, but the holes are way too small for today’s toothbrushes. 25 more words


Soap Tip

Today, I thought I’d share one of my little home tips because it is something I came up with recently and I just love it! 596 more words

Daily Pleasures

The Soap Bubble

I needed a new soap dish for my bathroom and wanted something more sustainable than a cheap plastic item. The most obvious solution might have been to buy a wooden or luffa soap dish, but that would have been too easy. 100 more words


Frugal Soap Dish

Many of you will remember this pedestal, which was made by gluing a candlestick to a lovely clear glass dish. To be fair, I should have looked up the value of said dish, because it is worth more than I paid. 206 more words


Soap Dish Holder with Super Powerful Suction Cup by MySweetHome

In my bathroom I use bottles of liquid soap, but my husband still prefers to use a bar of soap.  Neither of the bathrooms have a soap dish, and as I don’t need one, I got this one for hubby. 254 more words


Caring for Your Soap with a Soap Dish

Handmade Soap deserves special care because it does not contain chemicals to keep them hard like most commercially available “beauty bars” do. Naturally made soap needs to be handled for the luxurious product that it is. 157 more words