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Silk & Ho Wood Soap, and the Ensō

Continuing with the Japanese theme, Silk & Ho Wood is a soap inspired by the traditional Japanese textile craft shibori. This dyeing technique creates beautifully intricate patterns using the plant dye indigo. 811 more words


Cutting down on Plastic & Chemicals

Recently, we’ve been trying to focus on cleaning up our lives a little bit. We want to throw away less plastic, put less chemicals in our water supply (and bodies) and generally try to eat a bit more healthily and ethically. 1,132 more words


Rainbow Layered Soap

I’ve always really enjoyed making a layered soap. It’s one of the first designs I learned as a new soap maker, and I love coming up with different color combinations. 593 more words

Handmade Soap

Indigo Blues

I have to tell you about my first hot process soap.  I have been thinking about this soap for ages.  Finally, it is a reality.  You may be curious as to why I am so excited about plain blue soap … well, there is a reason.  713 more words

Soap Making

Thankful Thursday - My Job

I’m a soap maker. I know – nothing glamorous, nothing that pays well, and nothing to really brag about or at least, not in the corporate world. 404 more words

Clean Eating

Zen Garden Soap and the Zen of Soap Making

The Japanese gardening tradition has a long rich history tracing back to as early as the 6th century. The concept of meditative gardening and the development of the Zen garden first appear in the 13th century after Japanese monks were introduced to Zen Buddhism. 1,158 more words


I become more adventurous.

Great smelling, hand crafted, natural soap is a wonderful thing. It’s very healthy – no chemicals or additives – it has wonderful bubbles, smells great and leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. 260 more words

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