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I’ve been wanting to make soap for awhile now but was frankly nervous about the lye after hearing a friend tell about needing the fire department (in Hazmat suits no less!) because of chemical fumes when one of her containers had aluminum in it.   178 more words

Art Lunch

Diy pomegranate soap

Pomegranate is one of my all time favorite scents/ flavors and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some natural oils. I’m about to make all of my bath supplies into this heavenly scent. 190 more words


First Class!

Participants had a lot of fun making these Melt & Pour soaps and pretty much everyone wants to do it again!  Everyone got a coupon for $5 off their next class. 26 more words

Soap Making

Local Honey Soap

This soap is made with honey and it thickened the batter so much that my planned “In the Pot Swirl” pattern didn’t work as well as I wanted.   184 more words

Soap Making

Remzo Creations Original Black Soap with a 'surprise'

One of the beautiful things about soapmaking is the creative expression it allows. Soap can be basic and functional, a work of art, or both. This definitely falls into the ‘both’ category. 91 more words

Soap Making

Melt and Pour Experiments

More playing with soap!  Today, it was Melt and Pour soaps and embeds.  All turned out well except for hearts, which I pushed out of molds too soon and they have thumbprints in them.   15 more words

Soap Making

Herbal/Botanical Additives

Many different plants and flowers can be used in soap making. They can be used dried for adding garnish, exfoliation, or for the many nutrients and benefits they have. 394 more words

Soap Making