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Soapy cupcakes - soap fail

This evening I wanted to make some soapy cupcakes with a citrus blend fragrance oil. Everything went as it normally does, I soaped at a lower temperature due to the coconut milk as I didn’t want it to scorch, but I didn’t even get to finish adding the milk before it completely seized up! 78 more words

Soap Making

RECIPE: Double Avocado Soap

I named my business, as well as this blog, Lavender and Olive because they are two of my favorite ingredients in a soap recipe, as well as to eat. 244 more words


Aleppo soap - my next soap...?

Well, now my Back to School mini series is out of the way, I need to spend some time on my soaps, so I did a little bit of research with some of the women I know over here to see if I should slimline the types of soaps I make and also to see if there are any types that people want to see and a few people came back wondering if I could make a soap with an Arabic twist. 334 more words

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Finally, Some Progress!

I finally, finally, FINALLY had a chance to take some pictures and post some new items on Etsy! Hooray me :) I could use the pick-me-up, since the last post is still valid. 110 more words


Emotional Highs and Lows of Soap Making

The incredible sense of euphoria I experience from looking at a freshly unmolded soap loaf with perfect edges and smooth surfaces, or soap bars sliced into individual squares and lined up perfectly onto a wooden crate to dry, convinces me that I’m officially a soap addict, and a slight obsessive compulsive. 253 more words


RECIPE: White Tea and Ginger Soap

Once in awhile, I ponder upon random things, like why the decaf version of The Original Donut Shop Keurig K-Cups needs to cost almost twice as much as the original kind which sells for $27 for 72 counts … or whether… 321 more words


DIY Soap Creating

Today will be another DIY post, but this time based off of my love of soap making. Recently making your own soap from home has become very popular. 441 more words