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Raging in California 

Remember, when it’s a race to work we all lose.It’s March 20th and I’m driving to work… again. This is a regular event for most people. 574 more words


Les Vins du Les Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys

In the spirit of the coming spring and the euphoria it always brings, I wanted to take a moment here to piss off a large number of people and address a question that any of us who develop even the mildest wine-mania will eventually face: French wine. 1,931 more words


The Soapbox: Tips for writing letters to the editor

Town & Village is proud to present “The Soapbox,” a column featuring a different voice from the neighborhood in each one. All are welcome to submit columns on the topic of the author’s choice, preferably not longer than 650 words, to… 890 more words


Day Trip

@PerthandKinross @HighlandCouncil @ChargeplaceScot

A scenic trip North, nearly blighted by infrastructure. 490 more words


Animation & Mass Effect Andromeda

A Very General Overview

Congratulations! You’ve survived another unbelievable week in the world of gaming.

With Horizon Zero Dawn, Breath of the Wild, and Nier Automata, March has felt like an overwhelmingly positive time for the games industry, but the last few days have seen that good sentiment tanked by outcry over the upcoming launch of Mass Effect Andromeda. 2,052 more words