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What a mess! She's doing it wrong!

She has a modest, but lovely home.
She doesn’t always make her bed.
The towels are hung, clothes in their place.
Yeah, she pays someone to mow the lawn. 748 more words

My Prose And Poetry

Soapbox 9: When a Tightwad Will Fork Over Good Money

I consider myself a bit of a tightwad. I live life according to the idea of “buy it new, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” 1,302 more words



I’d like to think of this as version 3.0 of http://www.18smiles.org, and while there is a bunch of great content from 2014 and yesteryears I haven’t written much lately that is publish-worthy. 574 more words


I Joined The Library

It won’t surprise regular readers when I say it took me quite some time to getting round to joining the Library. For once however there is legitimate reasoning behind the delay – Generally I have access to the Services available and specifically I have 50 or so physical books at home unread, a similar number of e-books and the humble Paperback remains a common fallback when I’m bereft of Present ideas. 741 more words


Single Track Doesn't Care.

Let me be the first to tell you; Single track doesn’t care. It doesn’t care what kind of bike you ride, nor the shape you are in. 229 more words


Something Stolen

When I think of things that are stolen, I picture cat burglars & jewels, like Cary Grant opposite  Grace Kelly. Smooth, sleek, smart & debonair. Or the murder mystery heist: blood pooling under the pajama-wearing master of the house, shadows stark along the floor… and yet, other ‘things’ are stolen that are less visible, less quantifiable. 312 more words