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Tales from behind the cubicle|Everyone is sick

One thing I’ve come to realize from working at a medical group is that not only does everyone have medical shit that they’re dealing with but also that some have a delusional sense of urgency that vacates thoughts of anyone other than themselves. 555 more words


My fellow ethically-bound white people...

I went to bed in a poor way last night. Defeated, pessimistic, and jaded, I felt like I was watching my home and my country burn to the ground around me. 928 more words


Chasing Bees

I have new found respect for insect photographers — especially ones who shoot very busy bees. I recently shot bees at sunset with my 50-140mm at 140mm wide open (f/2.8) at its minimum focus distance (3ft), and man! 334 more words


Extraordinary creatures and a day at the races

As I was reading in the garden at lunch, a strange and beautiful insect landed on the edge of my kindle. He was a pert and quirky little fellow, only 0.5cm long, with a tail not unlike a scorpion’s, and entirely lemony-yellow; I first noticed him because of his peculiar stance which was to rock his body first to one side, stop, then to rock to the other and stop, he’d rotate 45º then repeat the action, rotate 45º and rock from side to side again. 257 more words



I recall with increasing fondness the get-togethers of yesteryear.  We’d call a few friends, set up some lawn chairs around the bonfire, and run to the market for beverages and ice, dogs and burgers, and a big bag of marshmallows.  235 more words


I can't believe my life has come to this, Dr. Gary Penn

If you’re like me and obsessively read self help books than this book probably isn’t for you as it doesn’t really provide anything you probably haven’t read before. 268 more words