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12 Steps to Better Hot Process Soap

For the past few months I have been focused on hot process soapmaking, and have learned a few lessons along the way.  I am still learning, and the suggestions in this post are simply things that have worked for me in my quest to make better and better soaps! 2,519 more words

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CupCake Soaps

Now this post has 2 sides to it, The laws and a recipe, you could say I am covering all bases…….

What is the deal with cupcake & cake soaps, well straight up they are illegal to make, no ifs no buts and no bite test…….. 921 more words


Dead Sea Mud

Like the Sea Salt we use quite a bit of Dead Sea Mud, in our products, from our Dead Sea Salts right through to our Face Masks, purely because of the nutrients that it contains, and what it does for the Mind, Body & Soul, while i was researching information i came across this article by Erica Pence, that explains it perfectly, so i thought i would share it. 315 more words


Perfecting my Hot Process Soap Technique

One of the many cool things about making soap is that there are a lot of techniques to choose from.  I started out using the cold process method, but recently have been making all of my soaps a different way.   1,258 more words

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A Relaxing Day Off

What a gorgeous day we’ve had today, to start it off  we went to Waffles Coffee Shop in Bodmin for breakfast, where hubby had a full fry up and hot chocolate and i had a Bacon sarnie also with a hot chocolate, then we came home and vegged out with catch up TV, before heading off to our youngest’s sports day. 93 more words


Making Our Gorgeous Body Scrubs,

We make our Body Scrubs with just 4/5 ingredients, Shea, Sea Salt, Oil, Clay and Essential Oils, there are no preservatives, additives, or nasty chemicals, as there is no need for it. 199 more words


Mevagissey Feast Week

This year’s festival runs from Sunday 28th June until Saturday 4th July 2015

Some kind of celebration has been held in Mevagissey for hundreds of years and was originally held in December. 197 more words