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Final Post

I have process and final piece photos below. I am overall really happy with this project the process and the final piece. Even though it wasn’t what I had in mind.  391 more words


Soap, Soap, Soap, ...sketch!

Soap, soap, soap…sketch!

Life has been busy lately, and I have been more of a soapmakers than a sketcher lately.

Remember our soap-making project using up all that extra milk we were getting from our Nubian goats last spring?  240 more words


Vanilla Espresso Coconut Milk Soap

I am using the other half of my frozen coconut milk cubes for this recipe. so half coconut milk half distilled water. Because of the sugars it should reach a higher temperature, hence the freezing of the coconut milk. 328 more words


Make-It Monday: Hot-process soap

Making homemade soap has certain benefits. Among them:

* It’s cheap, especially when compared to the small-batch soaps you find at gift shops and farmers markets.

430 more words

And Relax...

Relaxing. It’s not something I’d normally be doing much of in the run up to the holiday period. This is usually my busiest time of year – the two months during which I attend innumerable Christmas fairs and sell shedloads of soap. 261 more words

Cold Process

I'm a Shepherdess!

I haven’t had sheep for years, but I finally do again! I fell in love with some dairy and fleece sheep at a farm about 30 minutes away, and well…I have some new critters to love and research to do- which I also love, especially in winter. 487 more words

Bamboo Coconut Milk Cold Process Soap

I  always expect the worst with new techniques and scents. I am using a bamboo scent for this one. I expect it to rice so I will take an extra step to blend the fragrance into a small portion of batter before fully incorporating it. 373 more words