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Herbal/Botanical Additives

Many different plants and flowers can be used in soap making. They can be used dried for adding garnish, exfoliation, or for the many nutrients and benefits they have. 394 more words

Soap Making

When will it ever end? Life keeps throwing me curve balls and every step I take forward sends me hurling back 2 feet. I’ve been busy yes, making new soap batches (finally) and I thought all was well. 321 more words


First Soap for 2016

I once said that I believe a happy, healthy mind and body allows you to be your true creative self. And it couldnt be any more true. 141 more words


Making Coconut Oil at Home, It's Super Simple

Today I want to show you how I make coconut oil at home without the use of expensive presses and machines. We will use the basic utensils that every home has. 917 more words


Beauty Tips for Dry Winter Skin and Hair

Cold temperatures, harsh winds, and dry indoor heat can mean a rough few months for both your skin and your hair. I know for myself, my skin suffers greatly during this time of year if I don’t take special care of it. 669 more words


So you’ve made your first “basic” recipe and you’re now hooked, but you’re looking to add a bit more to your soap. The possiblities here are ¬†practically endless, and you have some decisions to make. 500 more words

Soap Making

How To Easily Extract Aloe Vera gel In Your Kitchen

Am sure we’ve all heard a lot about the Aloe Vera plant, a beautiful herb with amazing medicinal and health benefits. I also assume that you are familiar with its many fine qualities, especially to the skin ( to sensitive skin, irritated skin, dry skin, burns etc). 265 more words