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As a soap maker I’ve had my share of fails from undesired color bleeds to WTF fragrance blends. But up until now I had yet to experience that dreaded fail we refer to as “soap on a stick”. 693 more words


Soap Rebatching

Soap rebatching: because sometimes s#!t happens. Why rebatch soap? Well, for any number of reasons.

  • Maybe it cooled too quickly the first round and still needs a couple more hours.
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About Essential Oils (Part 2)

Sorry for the delay! Business has been busy with Bare Bottom Bath Boutique. Now I’m back for an overview with Essential Oils E thru L . 454 more words

Soap Making

Ready to Make Your First Cold Process Soap? The Best Resources for 1st Time Soap Makers

Have you been wanting to “take the plunge” and make your first ever cold process soap, but feeling a little apprehensive? I know that I did! 719 more words


DIY Soap Base From Plain Soap Bars: Updated

Hello, folks! Here is another DIY tutorial, but it is more about reshaping than actual creation – I take plain, boring, rectangular and generic bars of soap, and reshape them into cute and fun bars that you can customize to blow your guests’ minds and/or to give away as gifts to the special people in your life. 1,676 more words


How to Make Matcha Tea & May Chang Bath Truffle Melts

I am so totally in love with Matcha Maiden’s Matcha Tea, especially in a Matcha Latte (which my hubby makes me on weekends).

But as a soapmaker/bath product crafter, I was keen to try this superfood ingredient in one of my favourite products to make. 496 more words


Drop Swirls & Standardisation

I’ve been using a partial drop swirl for all my essential oil soaps for a long time but for my fragrance oil bars I’ve been using a mix of styles – In the Pot, Tiger stripe, Drop –  whatever took my fancy at the time of making.   242 more words