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Graveyard Surprise Bath Bomb Cupcakes

I love all things The Walking Dead and just HAD to do a making-of video using a TWD theme! These bloody cupcake bath bombs have a cute little Halloween eraser on the inside as a nice keepsake for after the bomb is long gone. 22 more words


Determined Mommy

For the past month or so I’ve been working hard on my daughter’s eczema. I’ve read that lots of babies have eczema and that it normally goes away as they get older. 389 more words

Post #3

Okay so here is a list of supplies I am going to pick up this weekend so i can start actually making soap.

Shopping List… 174 more words


Post #2

Alright on to soap carving, so soap carving is pretty simple its usually a craft directed towards kids.  Although there are more complex designs out there that only soap carving masters can succeed at creating. 128 more words


Starry Starry Night... Blogtober Day 6

Another quickie today –¬†a sneaky peek at the soap embeds for one of my Christmas specials…

More coming tomorrow – of course :-D

Cold Process

Homestead News

Things on the homestead are mildly crazy. Coreen has scaly leg mites, but she’s in recovery. The internet router conked out on us, so we got it replaced yesterday. 273 more words


Wet Soap Wednesday - Blogtober Day 5

Did you know Wet Soap Wednesday is a thing? Certainly on Facebook and Instagram it is anyway. Today’s post is a quickie – the fruits of last night’s soaping session. 21 more words

Cold Process