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Spring 2015? Where?

It’s been a long, trying, freezing, dismal winter for everyone.  My heart goes out to those who’ve had the record-breaking, bone-chilling cold on record topped and worsened by the extreme snowfall amounts that are also headed for the topmost spot in the  record books.   445 more words

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Yet Another Use for Soap

My last post was on clever uses for soap - but here’s another that I neglected to include…insulating your house!

Yes, it’s true – a research team is working on finding a way to use slabs of soap, mixed with straw & filled with air bubbles, to insulate houses! 40 more words


BRRRR! Baby the soaps cold in here

Living in Ohio in February is guaranteed to have everyone bundling up, and trying to find ways to stay warm.  But I bet you never thought about the impact temperature has on the soapmaking process!   403 more words

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Sneaky Peeks

Believe it or not I’m STILL restocking and wrapping at the moment.  The first craft fair of the year is coming up this Saturday, and I’m really looking forward to getting back to face to face selling again. 57 more words


Random thoughts on a snowy Tuesday

Hi Blog!

We got more snow! It is the pretty fluffy kind. School was canceled, but I went to work anyway because I’m dedicated like that. 246 more words

Cross Stitch

Rendering tallow

Rendering tallow is a easy task ,firstly tallow is rendered fat that surrounds the kidneys of cows ,I like rendering lard / tallow myself ,I know it’s free of chemicals ,you need beef fat , 160 more words

brrrr . . . and soap

We moved our soap making business to a tiny stone cottage in November.  The move was good for our growing  cottage (literally) industry.  We needed the space, we needed to take the next step for the business if it was going to grow.  316 more words