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Under, over, and then go all around,

Thunder, cover, keep your feet on the ground.

When magic has been cast, there is nowhere to hide, 99 more words


You think

You may think we are who you think we are,

You may think we think you are who you are,

And you may think you think we are who we are, 179 more words


A blonde

My head is light,

My step heavy,

I feel my sight

Getting blurry,

Am I not right?

I feel very

Lively and tight,

Dromedary. 19 more words


The Charge

Shields up and swords at the ready,

Keep your minds cool and breaths steady,

Through this unbreakable formation

Show to the gods our newfound passion! 72 more words


Dance, use your muscles, take charge, take flight. – The Orphan’s Tale, Pam Jenoff

Book Quotes


A cold wind through warm colours

In sacred cloth, ancient bells,

Resurrects powerful spells,

History shows our valours,

This has always been our life, 173 more words



Want it or not, here is a bit of news about me and my projects for the future! (Warning! It’s gonna be a bit long, but worry not! 1,079 more words