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The vale

In the heavens, stars are hidden,

Far over the misty valley

Night has come ever so slowly,

Now they awaken, the seven.

Soulless red eyes, always watching, 119 more words

Soar Vandergeid

My M.A.C Cosmetics Lip Liner Collection


Pink cinnamon stick

Arguably the perfect brown everyday lip colour. SPICE is famous for being Kylie Jenner’s lip colour, however, SPICE stands on its own without the Jenner name and proves to be well-loved for a reason, it’s versatile and suits every skin tone, a MUST buy for your collection. 277 more words


Capable of Glowing in the dark

Most often when we are faced with challenges or when we encounter detours it’s then that our destiny visions are hit hard and without much care, one might stray from the path of destiny or completely lose it all together. 469 more words

Capable Of Anything

Thus they came

The brighter the emotion

The greater the pain,

The darker the intention

The greater the gain,

On the faith of a million

They built foundation, 7 more words

Soar Vandergeid

We can all soar high 


Nobody was born a loser, we either conform to an environment of failing or we just don’t give a damn thing about success!, some feel success is for specific people but not them, others are just afraid to tap into that unknown territory, the truth is, we all have specific gifts and opportunities entrusted to us, we can either choose to use these fundamental traits/gifts/ opportunities to better ourselves or just fail simply because we have not considered applying them. 73 more words

Capable Of Anything

The Eagle

O! How I was that eagle!

The skies of volatile moods a circle

No matter the changing hues my skyway

Care I not to mount the wind my way… 198 more words


À toi.

J’ai toutes les merveilles du monde à mes pieds

Et sa magnificence s’étend sous mes yeux,

En cette froide nuit je me permet d’épier… 104 more words

Soar Vandergeid