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From the Cliff

I cannot see clearly yet

Now the dark clouds have moved on

And has returned the quiet

Even though the rain is gone,

My vision is still blurry… 101 more words


Enog Reven

I can feel you in my mind

I can taste you in my sleep,

I can smell you in the air

Around and hear your deep… 69 more words


The old sea god's shrine

Upon the high green hill

Where the wild wind howls shrill

There stands a wooden shrine

Long washed out by the brine.

You must go defenseless… 63 more words


Bird in a Peach Tree

Bird in a Peach Tree

Tuesday night Beth and I were watering our trees and plants when she noticed a small bird near the bottom of the back fence. 266 more words


The luminator

The man who lights the streets


In city streets which span

Score leagues, intertwining,

There is a lonely man

Who roams the late evening, 59 more words




As many of you know, I am currently in La Serena, Chile. What you don’t know, is what is happening each day that we are here. 388 more words


Moments inbetween

It is in these quiet moments inbetween

That I catch myself hoping for something still,

I don’t know if it is something I have seen… 44 more words