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All these songs ,

they tell me

I’m invincible.

But honey, I’m not.

I’m not even unbreakable.

For I too am made of

Blood and bones. 284 more words

À ma mort.

Ma mort mortellement mortifère

Aux vieux os de cartes et d’argent

À la démarche de voile tissé dans l’orange

Ma mort à la manière des frères poètes… 217 more words

Soar Vandergeid


My heart soars so high,
I reach for the white bright Light,
…And my heart’s on fire.
…Like a round football,
Floating quickly towards the goal…
Pushing toward new heights.


Guitare couture

Dance a couple of quiet notes

On the border of your window

As I pass by and my mind floats

I can’t help but smile, crescendo, 34 more words

Soar Vandergeid

"I Sweep in God's Drift"....by Linda Willows

When `ere the gentle breeze floats by
my heart lifts with a softened sigh…
as though lullaby from far above
had sweetly graced us all with love. 42 more words


The first death

Welcome adventurer to this old sacred shrine,

You have successfully overcome the trial

Given by the lost one your potential to rile,

Oh you have been chosen, baptized by the grey brine. 101 more words

Soar Vandergeid

Up, up, n' Away~

Why are clear skies blue? Sure, there are reddish-orange sunsets, pitch-black stormy nights, light-gray rainy skies, etc… but why? What’s the reason for the color blue? 114 more words