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Ad Luminum

A cold and silent winter rain

Falls under these strangely cloudless skies,

Who could divine the godly intent

Concealed behind this Rubicon of tears? 17 more words


To the Northern star

There’s a terrible rumble on the inside of my soul and it keeps holding me, keeping me in this place where I so want to leave, this place of comfort and ease, each time I make a move to leave, it comes up rearing its ugly head, making me feel like I’m doing the wrong thing, like everything is gonna go wrong if I don’t stay where I’ve been, but I’m tired. 120 more words


20 ans après

(Ou presque…)


Inconfortable. De cette expression nonchalante – certains diraient presque noble -, et pourtant nullement à l’aise, il restera toujours une trace sur chaque photo future où j’apparaîtrai au fil des années. 258 more words


Thin ice on the lake

The weather is indeed nice

But this soft gale does entice

In me one of my darker vice:

A heart dancing on thin ice. 53 more words


Tout ce qui est perdu

Tout ce qui est perdu

Peut-être retrouvé.

Ce que temps a mordu

Doit bien être éprouvé,

Qu’importe qu’il efface

Jusqu’à l’ultime trace,

La douleur dans l’attente… 86 more words



Juliet, oh Juliet,

Do you not hear me avidly singing this ballad?

Juliet, o Juliet,

Do you not see me dancing this foolish step? 72 more words



You have found a notebook on the ground

A bit dusty and a bit old

Open to a page not yet complete

With doodles and scribbles of unknown sense, 340 more words