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Abortion Errors

As if abortion is not outrageous enough as it is,

there are also abortion errors.

A girl dies, because she’s too afraid to talk about… 79 more words


This. Sick. Me.

Ok so I’ve nicked and reworked some of Taylor’s finest lyrics to serve a punning point, but when you’ve had a fever of 40dgs for three days, work deadlines, a dog to walk and life-min to take care of, minor plagiarism is frankly the last of your worries. 355 more words

Caring And Crying

I battle the demon of


Pray for the weak






I’m sobbing as I write


Blurry eyes

The truths of… 14 more words


A Lie..

A tear rolled down by her cheek. Her vision blurred. And though she nearly chocked and couldn’t utter even a single syllable; She braced herself, put on a weakish smile, gave the slightest wink and spoke the smallest sentence, with the biggest lie, “I’m fine.”

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My Song

There is always at least one, usually more, songs that you hear and think, “Oh, my god! This was written about me, for me or to me.” Whether you have just starting dating a new person, and your heart beats with new passion and excitement, your body quivers just hearing their voice, or when they touch your face, gently stroking your cheek and neck before leaning in for a kiss. 387 more words

How To Change a Nappy

Step 1:

Ascertain if you actually need to change the nappy, sometimes it’s just wind. You’ll pray that it is just wind. A good sniff in the lower crotchal region of your baby (note, avoid doing in public) will give a solid indication. 428 more words


5 Struggles Of An Ugly Crier (And 4 Products That'll Provide Instant Relief)

Ah, the crucial relationship “firsts.” For some, this means waiting for the right moment to have sex. For others, saving their first outing together for someplace special. 693 more words