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How To Change a Nappy

Step 1:

Ascertain if you actually need to change the nappy, sometimes it’s just wind. You’ll pray that it is just wind. A good sniff in the lower crotchal region of your baby (note, avoid doing in public) will give a solid indication. 428 more words


5 Struggles Of An Ugly Crier (And 4 Products That'll Provide Instant Relief)

Ah, the crucial relationship “firsts.” For some, this means waiting for the right moment to have sex. For others, saving their first outing together for someplace special. 693 more words

Match Report - Yangju Citizen 2 - 3 Hwaseong FC

With 5 goals and a sending off you might think this was an all-action encounter with endless entertainment. It wasn’t. In fact, the only two real stories from this match  were my severe case of the commentator’s curse and the sad take of the Yangju player known only as Number 19. 630 more words

Match Report

Slow life

I’ve been driving myself too hard. So hard that two nights ago I lay on my bed and sobbed for the better part of three hours. 167 more words

i will always find you
like it’s written in the stars

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I will never forget you, Nia. Even if this Universe is destroyed

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