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chapter 12: Slow Motion


Brianna hated the fact that she had a people-pleasing problem. I on the other hand hated that I couldn’t let anyone know I cared, but we won’t go down that road right now, I am way to busy enjoying this bowl of noodles to bring Debbie-Downer back into the picture. 471 more words

I Think I'm Related To The Flash

I'm Not Sobbing, You Are!

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen it. I mean, nowadays, my NewsFeed is filled with tear-jerker articles about abused animals being rescued by somebody other than Sarah McLachlan or endless shares of a gum commercial (seriously?) that it wouldn’t be completely out of the norm for Total Sorority Move to post one as well. 1,001 more words

Heaviness and Silence

A dark so deep, it is like a shell
Enclosing me within my skin’s depth
Blinding my eyes just as well
But breathing, still not death… 76 more words


Picture from East Beach, Rhode Island

The anger wave is being replaced
By the wave of complete devastation.
The one that rolls over your body, 198 more words



Last night, someone dropped a bombshell that annihilated and destroyed the fragile resolve I had been clinging onto like a life raft. I sobbed all night, drowning in my own tears, and I am still weeping, overcome with a grief I have not experienced since The Forgiven One sank his knife into my back, twisted it repeatedly and left me to die. 156 more words


Pregnancy got me like...

Pregnancy has got me sobbing noisily at, well, many things (I’ll save myself the embarrassment and avoid going into detail about my bawling episode when McDonald’s forgot to put the sweet & sour sauce with my chips through drive thru- I’ll never forget my husband’s eyes of absolute shock/fear, with a nervous little smirk as the tears fell from my cheeks, ha!). 722 more words