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I will my heart to turn to real stone
And the tears that fall to still diamonds
May they glisten but never slide down
A permanent catchlight of the eyes… 60 more words


Ugly Crying

Sometimes you just need a good, long, body shaking cry.

The kind of crying that cleanses the soul, leaves you breathless and you cry until you have nothing left. 25 more words

Haiku - Rain (9)

Haiku – Rain (9)

In the dark of night

Trees bend and creak in the wind

Rain sobs endlessly

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As I Lay Crying: A Podcast

I am starting a podcast! Here is what it will address:

“Crying. It’s innate in all of us — we cried as babies and children, as a biological way to convey our needs, such as hunger. 259 more words


My life in shambles (2) 

We all know that feeling of peace and comfort in our moments of existence. When we are struck with happiness and ignorance. Life seems to be simple again and for the first time in months your rent is paid on time. 202 more words



Ive been sobbing for most of the day…ive moved my stuff into my new pad…but its missing my girl xxx

I’d love her to come and sit on my bed, and just hold hands, ive got to be straight with you…this bed is only for me and her…no-one else shares this xx


Bouts of Depression

It starts with the hours of pondering, debates in your head and the sorrow. Then the tears well up. They start to fall . Clenching your eyelids shut you start to sob while they force their way out of your eyes, down your cheeks. 216 more words