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Bouts of Depression

It starts with the hours of pondering, debates in your head and the sorrow. Then the tears well up. They start to fall . Clenching your eyelids shut you start to sob while they force their way out of your eyes, down your cheeks. 216 more words

Galaxy Week with C Opal

So since it was galaxy week, I was planning to do something off of *cough* you know what *cough* but since it’s apparent that Unicorn J gets a little annoyed and questionable whenever we talk about the subject, I’ll try to refrain from using my galaxy week to talk about  264 more words


A Call for Kindness

We need to be nicer to one another. This is my new thing. And one that I’m hopping onto my blog-soap box about. It’s an extension of my… 330 more words

Describe Pain

Pain isn’t my stomach throbbing
Pain isn’t my temperature rising
Pain isn’t the migraine I get
From all the shots I took
And now I can’t shake it off… 127 more words


You Promised

You promised you’d love me “til death do us part”.

You promised to protect and care for me in “sickness and in health”.

You broke your promise. 115 more words

Writings By Lynn K. Scott

Abortion Errors

As if abortion is not outrageous enough as it is,

there are also abortion errors.

A girl dies, because she’s too afraid to talk about… 79 more words


This. Sick. Me.

Ok so I’ve nicked and reworked some of Taylor’s finest lyrics to serve a punning point, but when you’ve had a fever of 40dgs for three days, work deadlines, a dog to walk and life-min to take care of, minor plagiarism is frankly the last of your worries. 355 more words