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More than a Fender-Bender

Friday Fictioneers:  The photo prompt, by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields:

The police called a tow truck for my crippled car.

They took me to the hospital. The impact damaged my pride more than it damaged my body, but they wanted to check me over.   97 more words

Word Press Challenges

Moved to Tears

I’m not an emotional person. At least, I’ve never considered myself an emotional person. Well, not an overly emotional person.

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to control my feelings. 908 more words



When you cry so much, your tears start to mean nothing. There is a certain sadness—a weary emptiness—to them, something that wasn’t there before. Before, they had been full of broken promises, failed attempts, and heart-shattering revelations. 95 more words



This had me sobbing the night I found it on Pinterest. I’ve been struggling with praying and my faith lately (read: for the last 6 years), and I find that I’m having a hard time talking to God like I used to. 134 more words

Why a new blog?

I was driving home tonight, sobbing. I miss my old blog. I’d purposely kept it secret because I knew that if I was conscious of people I know reading my words, I’d censor myself. 55 more words

Choosing Self

For a moment, I could almost feel sorry for him as he sat across from me, with down cast eyes, he fingered the rim of his coffee mug. 604 more words


Late night sobbing

Sam and I were chatting last night about a couple we know and how the husband has a new job. Sam asked me a question about them (I can’t even remember what) but I responded with, ‘oh that won’t matter as she will be on maternity leave by then’. 232 more words