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Choosing Self

For a moment, I could almost feel sorry for him as he sat across from me, with down cast eyes, he fingered the rim of his coffee mug. 604 more words


Late night sobbing

Sam and I were chatting last night about a couple we know and how the husband has a new job. Sam asked me a question about them (I can’t even remember what) but I responded with, ‘oh that won’t matter as she will be on maternity leave by then’. 232 more words


The After Birth

What to expect, when you’re done with the expecting…

So, you’re knocked up. Congrats. No doubt you’ll have shelled out a small fortune for NCT classes to help you prepare (or so you can find like-minded local mums to get post-natally pissed with) and you’re now feeling a little more informed about childbirth. 1,039 more words


crying, sobbing, wah, weeping, wahh Gif For Fun

crying, sobbing, wah, weeping, wahh Gif for Fun at your Time


Svadhyaya and the manifestations of things unsaid

I’m not a great communicator.  I keep things in until they literally cause me physical pain.  I gave myself an ulcer a few years ago because I was in a relationship with an amazing guy.  1,010 more words


Scenes from the Pic Pac

Grocery stores and I have a love/hate relationship.

I love that there is food there but I hate that I have to go hunt for it, pay for it, load it in my car, unload it from my car and then find a place to put it. 663 more words


The Role of Art in the Pursuit of Happiness

As I talk to people about their feelings on faith, politics, and the state of the world currently, I tend to focus on measurables: data, stats, trends, etc.   624 more words

Becoming The Archetype