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Guest Speaker: Yoram Haimi

Since 2007, Israeli Archaeologist, Yoram Haimi, and Polish Archaeologist, Wojciech Mazurek, have been excavating at the former Reinhard Extermination Camp site, which was created by the SS in Sobibor, occupied Poland. 562 more words

Guest Lecturers

Escaping Hitler Talk success at Norfolk Record Office

On Wednesday 8th February, I was honoured to give a talk at the iconic Norfolk Record Office where so much wonderful research material, stretching from far off medieval times, is stored.   153 more words


The crossing lights flash
The gate drops
And the bell clangs a warning
The past roars into the future
Broken beats
Bump and thud
Squeal and hiss… 100 more words


Escape From Sobibor

A gripping tale of captivity during the Holocaust which tows the line subtly between being engaging and off-putting, and sees a stellar cast highlighting the plight of hundreds of innocents waiting to die. 537 more words


Gustav Wagner-Sadistic Murderer

It is just unfathomable how many of the most evil and vile war criminals escaped justice. It is something the German government and other European and American governments should be deeply,deeply ashamed off because they escaped under their watch. 1,248 more words


The real escape from Sobibor

Today marks the 73rd anniversary of the Sobibor uprising. The reason why I call this article “the real escape from Sobibor” is not to mistake it for the movie “Escape from Sobibor” although the book and the movie are based on the event, parts of it are fictionalized. 789 more words


Mass murder and secret rendezvous: the diary of SS leader Heinrich Himmler revealed

The recently discovered diary of Nazi monster Heinrich Himmler discloses the daily life of one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, in which his private life mixed with the death of millions. 97 more words