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Gustav Wagner-Sadistic Murderer

It is just unfathomable how many of the most evil and vile war criminals escaped justice. It is something the German government and other European and American governments should be deeply,deeply ashamed off because they escaped under their watch. 1,255 more words


The real escape from Sobibor

Today marks the 73rd anniversary of the Sobibor uprising. The reason why I call this article “the real escape from Sobibor” is not to mistake it for the movie “Escape from Sobibor” although the book and the movie are based on the event, parts of it are fictionalized. 789 more words


Mass murder and secret rendezvous: the diary of SS leader Heinrich Himmler revealed

The recently discovered diary of Nazi monster Heinrich Himmler discloses the daily life of one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, in which his private life mixed with the death of millions. 97 more words

Ben Ali Libi- the Magician of Sobibor

In all honesty the title of this blog is likely to be incorrect, but it is an intriguing title nonetheless.Ben Ali Libi was the stage name of the Dutch Jewish magician Michel Velleman  (5 January 1895 – 2 July 1943). 852 more words


Jules Schelvis -Sobibor survivor

I was actually doing research on a Sobibor victim called Ben Ali Libi which was the stage name of Michel Velleman , a Dutch Jewis magician who died in Sobibot on July 2nd 1943, But although there is a lot of mention of Ben Ali Libi there is actually little information. 1,696 more words


De trein naar Sobibor 

Er rijdt door mijn hoofd een trein

vol joden, ik leg het verleden

als een wissel om (…) **

Jules Schelvis is dood. De zachtmoedige overlevende van zeven kampen, waaronder Sobibor en Auschwitz, werd 95 jaar. 299 more words


En ting du legger merke til med nazister, er at de er autister på jøder.

Uansett hva samtalen går ut på, uansett hva settingen er, så er det kun et spørsmål om tid før de forutsigbare ticksene om jøderi og jødera kommer rennende. 706 more words