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The train was coming
To take us to our doom
Forced into the cattle car
There was barely any room.
Packed like sardines
Into a can made of wood… 159 more words


The gas chambers at Sobibór, according to Wikipedia

A reader of my blog made a comment in which a link to this page on Wikipedia was included.

This quote is from Wikipedia:

Jews from Poland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, as well as the Soviet prisoners of war, were transported to Sobibór by rail and suffocated in gas chambers fed by the exhaust of large petrol engines.

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My Cousin Wolfgang and The Lessons of History: Will We Ever Learn Those Lessons?

When I started this blog back in October, 2013, I never anticipated that it would help family members find me.  But that has proven to be an incredible unexpected benefit of publishing this blog.   1,944 more words

Family Information And Updates

A remedial note on cremains

Given that the posters at the (censored) “Skeptics Society” forum, including the holocaust controversies camp follower known by the pseudonyms “KentFord9″ and “Statistical Mechanic”, have recently been making fools of themselves on the subject of cremation remains, this post may be of use for the purpose of limiting the further spread of idiocy. 201 more words

To Ensure the Holocaust is Remembered, Begin Teaching at a Young Age

I still remember the exact moment I learned the Holocaust was real.  I was in seventh grade, around twelve or thirteen years old, when my homeroom and Social Studies teacher Ms. 292 more words

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As previously mentioned, Joe Stirling lit the special Holocaust candle outside the Forum in Norwich at 4.30 pm this afternoon.  Having done so, he gave a short address on how his parents, Ida and Alfred were deported from Koblenz to Sobibor in 1942, where they were murdered by the Nazis.   35 more words

Visiting Tikocyn and Lupachowa Forest

After the first day of activities in Poland, my group stayed the night at a hotel in Warsaw. The next morning, we were up bright and early to drive to a small town called Tikocyn. 746 more words