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'We would not make it easy for the Germans': In 1943, Thomas Blatt survived a daring death camp revolt

Thomas Toivi Blatt was certain he would die on the evening of Oct. 14, 1943.

He was 16 years old, orphaned, Jewish, a prisoner of the Nazis at one of their brutal death camps, Sobibor. 1,524 more words


The Ten Worst Nazi Concentration Camps

This is from War History OnLine. 

These camps are as close to Hell as you could get on earth.

In 1933, the first Nazi concentration camp was built in Dachau, Germany to imprison dissidents. 1,241 more words

Work of the Holocaust Education Trust applauded in the I Newspaper

Today in the I newspaper, journalist Sarah Cassidy writes about teaching of the Holocaust in our UK schools.   Joe Stirling visits Norfolk schools, talking about his escape from Nazi Germany and how his parents perished in Sobibor.   203 more words

70 Years On From the Holocaust: Why We Must Never Stop Remembering

The other day, when switching on a gas stove, I struck a match and watched as the blue-white flame sprung to life and as it hissed and flickered, I repressed a shudder. 1,430 more words


Escape From Sobibor Secrets

Through online shopping, you can buy almost any product that is electronics to travel, automobile, clothing, food, jewelries. The internet has made it possible for consumers to shop at thousands of online stores using… 272 more words

Memo for the controversial bloggers, part VI: Conclusions

As I stated above, the bloggers’ manifesto is undoubtedly the most substantial piece of anti-revisionism since van Pelt’s Case for Auschwitz. Despite the work’s immense flaws, the exercise of engaging with its arguments and sources has proved salutary for revisionism. 297 more words

Memo for the controversial bloggers, part Vd: Dresden pyres, gasoline as a fuel for cremation, and High Bishopton farm

We now move on to the Dresden pyres, the second plank in Muehlenkamp’s platform. For his claims on Dresden, Muehlenkamp relies on the books by David Irving and Frederick Taylor. 2,190 more words