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Memo for the controversial bloggers, part VI: Conclusions

As I stated above, the bloggers’ manifesto is undoubtedly the most substantial piece of anti-revisionism since van Pelt’s Case for Auschwitz. Despite the work’s immense flaws, the exercise of engaging with its arguments and sources has proved salutary for revisionism. 297 more words

Memo for the controversial bloggers, part Vd: Dresden pyres, gasoline as a fuel for cremation, and High Bishopton farm

We now move on to the Dresden pyres, the second plank in Muehlenkamp’s platform. For his claims on Dresden, Muehlenkamp relies on the books by David Irving and Frederick Taylor. 2,190 more words

Memo for the controversial bloggers, part Vc: Herbert Floss, Treblinka, and pyre systems based on pits

Before moving on to Muehlenkamp’s second plank, we will take a quick detour to address another factor which allegedly contributed to the unequaled performance of the Reinhardt cremations. 420 more words

The Evil That Was The Holocaust—Where Did It Go?

For a number of years I have been fascinated by the Holocaust that played itself out under the rule of the Third Reich during WWII. Not fascinated in an entertainment sort of way but rather a curiosity of how something like this could have evolved from a seemingly civilized nation. 1,916 more words

Just Thoughts

Memo for the controversial bloggers, part Vb: Lothes and Profé's carbonization experiments with anthrax carcasses

We turn now to Muehlenkamp’s treatment of cremation, which is even more absurd than his discussion of mass graves. We will not rehearse the facts about mass cremation here, but suffice it to say that, for example, the United States Department of Agriculture “recognizes that incineration is both difficult and expensive,” and that accounts of real-life mass cremations of animals confirm this and offer specific figures for the quantities of space, time, and fuel required for mass cremation that prove the impossibility of the Reinhardt cremations taking place in the manner alleged, and dramatically and uniformly contradict the portrait of cremation given in witness statements regarding the Reinhardt camps. 2,153 more words

Memo for the controversial bloggers, part Va: The sum of all errors: Roberto Muehlenkamp - burial space and decomposition

In the above sections, we have seen Nick Terry’s struggles with the Polish language, Jonathan Harrison’s difficulties with German words, and Jason Myers’ troubles with technical issues and witness statements. 2,274 more words

Memo for the controversial bloggers, part IV: The technical and testimonial blunders of Jason “Myers”

Moreso than Harrison or Terry, the pseudonymous Jason “Myers”, who contributed chapters on resettlement, gas chambers, and witnesses, attempts to attack specific revisionist arguments, many of these of a scientific or technical character. 2,056 more words