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The Story of the 1919 Eclipse Expeditions

Unless you have been living on another planet, you will know that today there will be an eclipse of the Sun although from the UK it will be rather underwhelming, as only about 4% of the Sun’s disk will be covered by the moon; for totality you have to be in the United States.   1,965 more words

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Ideias Para Looks do Carnaval

Carnaval tá ai! Já pensou nos seus looks? Aonde você vai passar o carnaval? Na praia? Nos bloquinhos de rua? Num cruzeiro? No bloco? Camarote? Na pipoca? 69 more words


Tendências para Óculos Receituário

A visão embaçou, a idade chegou, tá difícil ver as letrinhas no meio da rua? Ih, parece que você está precisando de óculos! Foi ao médico oftalmologista e ele receitou seus melhores acessórios: óculos novos. 89 more words


Eddington and the first test of General Relativity

Thanks to Steven Mosher on Twitter, I came across an article that discusses Arthur Eddington’s attempt to test Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. The basic story is that Newton’s Theory of Universal Gravitation assumed that gravity was a force that acted between two masses and that this force acted instantaneously. 1,150 more words