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Fabulous Beef Wellington with The Lines of Torres Vedras, Portugal.

Between 1809 and 1810, to defend Lisbon from Napoleonic French attack, a series of massive fortifications was completed by the Portuguese people and British engineers. Probably the single largest engineering effort in European history. 232 more words

Dicas Para Um Correto Manuseio De Suas Lentes De Contato

Para um bom uso das lentes é necessária uma série de cuidados básicos que devem ser seguidos à risca pelo usuário, sob o risco de aparecerem complicações indesejáveis e até mesmo perigosas aos olhos. 195 more words


10.18.14 rough starts

This morning, thank god it’s over.

My honey and I live at a busy intersection, our bedroom is directly on the street and last night I woke up to so much craziness caused by one extremely effed up dude. 361 more words

Today's Bangle

The rainbow connection

Yesterday The Honking Goose, a blogger whose posts I find rather delightful wrote on a topic that strikes me very near to my heart. Gay rights. 430 more words

Protect Me From What I Want