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Hi I’m Daniella...and I’m an Alcoholic

Well you might be thinking oh this is just some young person he want to stop binge drinking no.

No it’s not.

I am 31 years old and I do believe myself to be an alcoholic. 175 more words


The Journey Begins, I'll Work on the Site Later, I Just Needed to Get This Out

I smiled for the first time thinking about waking up. I’ve only smiled twice today. I have been dreading waking, living and existing for the last 3 years. 2,238 more words


A good kind of bad habit...?

On this week’s episode of “Well!  That was dumb!”

OK… Look.  Even after all this time playing at endurance sports, I still do dumb things.  I get excited about good weather or calm winds and overdo it.  777 more words


I quit drinking and discovered I'm an introvert.

My entire life I thought I was a straight-up social virtuoso. Fear of missing out plagued me any time I couldn’t attend a party, outing, get-together or weekend away. 860 more words

Sober Stuff

Emotional Sobriety

My ass is getting kicked lately by my emotional sobriety or lack thereof.  I feel like my twelve-step program is not working  as well as it has in the past.    107 more words


The fog starts to lift...

I’ve been struggling, as I’ve said lately. I kind of had it out with my friend the other night. She assumed I was more active in my business. 385 more words


Addiction Lies, It Cheats & It Steals.

By: Marc McMahon

I was just thinking about the lies addiction tells us. How it takes a sliver of what we know to be true and uses it to further its sadistic adgenda. 709 more words