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Sober Life Day 5 Part 1

Today is a bit of a change from the last few days I’ve had. Rough, to say the least. I’m on a short fuse.

Everything is annoying as hell! 165 more words


The questions I ask

These are the questions i ask, the conversation i have with myself.

What is wrong with me?

Did the drugs damage me that bad?

Why doesn’t anyone want me? 304 more words


Seventh Tradition: Part Deux

I am getting married next winter. With this marriage comes this feeling of quiet exhaling, of a tremendous weight off my shoulders as I no longer have to traverse this scary world alone. 603 more words

Alcoholics Anonymous

Navigating Nights Out - Part 2

What a difference three days make! I was so, so low last time I wrote. I had suicidal thoughts and I hadn’t had a drink, which is insane. 1,376 more words

Sober Me

Sober Life Day 4

“Alcohol is our best friend. It’s always loyal. It’s always present. It never judges. So when you give up alcohol, it’s like losing a friend. And, like losing a friend, it’s sad.”

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What Wasn't Said

“So, you don’t drink…and you don’t smoke weed…then what do you do?” I paused for an awkward moment to think about how to answer her question.  137 more words


Day 14 and getting healthy

Two weeks of not drinking (thought I have smoked some cigarettes, womp womp), and I have gone a fucking healthy living RAMPAGE. I have no other words to describe how intensely and desperately I want to be healthy… 471 more words