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Alcohol-Free May!

May is a great month for change and renewal. It’s named after the ancient goddess Maia, who is associated with flourishing spring, fertility, and playfulness. 251 more words

Day 15: still here, still sober, and survived some unexpected tears...

I’m still here! I am still sober!

I got my two week NoMo chip this morning (yes, the zing and the chime and the happy feelings were all still there – I missed you, you cheery NoMo chip!) and woke up bright and early, with the sun streaming into my bedroom and a sun-warmed cat purring somewhere in the region of my belly, Not Hungover, and happy. 1,165 more words

Day 10 - Morning

228 hours sober.

Laying in bed with my pets wishing for coffee. I had a good night sleep (finally!)

had some coffee and stretches, now I’m off to the gym!

I'm Open To Advice

A prisoner in your own mind trapped by the demon of insomnia. Tired but can’t sleep, body exhausted, mind racing, forehead sweating, all while the mouth yawns.  771 more words

That old feeling...

I’m exhausted.

I’ve had a really stressful day. Witnessed a scary car crash that almost collected me.  Called 911, comforted the victim, and held it together until I eventually got home.   182 more words

Two Wolves

There is a Cherokee parable that describes a constant battle going on inside each and every one of us.  The story describes a battle between two wolves.  306 more words

Dance Away The Pain.

Underneath the warmth of your sheets. In a rolling ocean of fabric. You cry tears of pain. Tears of shame. Tears of sorrow that flow like rain. 387 more words