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Note: self-pity sesh below that doesn’t actually deal directly with alcohol, but may very well be a contributing factor to my toxic relationship with booze.Ā  942 more words


Exhausted but feeling accomplished

Today I learned I do in fact.. have legs. I walked back and forth so many times, I won’t have any issue passing out tonight. Went to my doctor appointment for a follow up on my antidepressants and how I’m doing, which has improved a lot in the past couple weeks. 227 more words


6 week soberbabe! Celebrating the benefits.

I’m writing these down now as a reminder of how crappy drinking alcohol makes me feel. Spiritually and physically. šŸ™ŒšŸ™Œ These are the major benefits I’m experiencing so far… 500 more words

An authentic self

Today was week two of the introduction to counselling course that Iā€™m taking, and I was almost as anxious going in this week as I was last week. 2,027 more words



Last night I got home from work to find a freshly poured goblet of white wine sitting on the kitchen counter, the glass sweating in the cool humidity of the room. 1,147 more words


Day 30

I once took a speech class, and on the day of my first presentation, I emailed the instructor and informed her that I was sick. I never went back to the class… 642 more words


The Only September I Will Remember

There are two of me. The dead one and the dying one. One of them is an optimist. I’m not sure which. The dead one, probably. 338 more words