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Snapchat and Sports — Postseason


Blue Jay’s

I really thought that the Blue Jays may have stepped it up more in the post season but they didn’t. Their Snapchat stories had so much room for potential, but fell flat compared to the Cleveland Indians. 263 more words


building the habit

Since my last post, I turned 28 on the 28th of September. I got out of work early to leave with my mom, sister and cousin to go out of town.  284 more words

The Daily

Why I Share Local Protests Through Social Media

​I’ve hoped that by sharing moments from rallies, vigils, & other events, specifically the parts in which people speak as to why the people are gathering, some who may not normally attend or know what’s happening on the ground will find it informative & be able to hear different narratives than the “official” narrative, the one given by local officials who seem more about self-preservation & profiteering than serving anyone but the richer communities. 609 more words


I Tweet, You Tweet, We All Tweet

Is Your Tweet Trending?

Almost everyone uses Twitter or at least they have heard about it. It is the “hot” social media network that consumers and businesses use to communicate with one another across the world. 449 more words


Snapchat and Sports — Week 25 & 26

Week 25 & 26

September 15-28

Regular season is coming to an end. I’m really excited to see what teams are going to be doing, but I’m also a little more excited to be cutting down on the number of Snapchats I’ll be watching every night. 793 more words


Your Brand is now Social...What's Next?

Companies have taken advantage of free advertising for decades because “Word of Mouth”. Now that social media has become the new face for marketing, many organizations are jumping on board. 644 more words


LinkedIn...the New Way to Recruit

LinkedIn has revolutionize the way businesses recruit their top talent. It’s the new online resume for candidates and a huge talent database for employers. Large companies such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T have invested millions of dollars to have LinkedIn licenses. 457 more words