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Socail Media Ethics

Social media is a virtual town hall where people share exchange their point of views and show their grievance. Social media ethics played a vital role for the reader as well. 287 more words

Socail Media

Who's looking at me

I post a Snapchat purely for the pleasure of seeing if he’s seen it.

They included that feature for a reason.

Did the makers of Snapchat want us to be sociopaths?


A Month off Facebook

I thought I would write an update to my last post It’s Okay to Leave Facebook , since it has been a month and I feel amazing. 832 more words


the year of the social media cleanse

happy easter, and happy birthday to me!

twenty-five, just like that. quarter century birthday – turn up! i seriously can’t believe i’m twenty-five, like what the fuck happened? 531 more words


Facebook Targets 30,000 Supporters Of Marine Le Pen

Update people and guess what it seems fuckbook is doing what it does best, which engaging in false information, shutting down free speech and attacking Conservatives any chance they get. 310 more words

Social Justice Jackass

Zucker-snatch Stop Lying!

Good afternoon everyone, I am practicing what I preach always, ride on these false internet pimps all day everyday till the anti-trust bill passes the house! 748 more words

Big Dummy

Steve Cutts

The reason I choose Steve Cutts is because he did famous art about social media and how social media can change people by the way they act and behave and live their every day lives. 168 more words

Socail Media