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Facebook Making You Stupid?

How do you choose what you “like” in your facebook account? ¬†Your friends like something so you follow suit? There is a topical story posted you agree with, so in addition to liking it on your friend’s post you actually click like on the page? 492 more words

Socail Media

As A Child Growing Up I Learned That Life Is...

Would you like to know the people you communicate with better, to learn something about how they see the world and their place in it? Here is a small exercise of sentence completion that will help us all know each other a little better. 130 more words

Written By Marybeth

Tweeting, Curating, & MOOC'ing our way to Learning

I had a great start to my day with colleagues from ATD Kansas City. How cool to get to start off this year’s calendar of programs. 487 more words


Jimmy Fallon, you restored my faith in nice men!

I like Nicole Kidman. I like Jimmy Fallon. But would I have liked them as a couple? Probably not. Because of Jimmy’s misread signals from the past, they will probably never be romantically involved. 160 more words