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"Minding Our Own Business"

This is what we lack in the Arab and African world. This simple concept of minding our own business. We actually do the exact opposite, we mind everyone else’s business to the point that we forget about our “Very” Own business. 145 more words


Social Media Thoughts Regarding "Sharing it All"

In this social media world, do you struggle with what to put “out there”? I do.

In a way, we are “connecting” with MORE people but not as deep. 490 more words

Julien Blanc of Real Social Dynamics and The Choke Hold Opener

Julien Blanc (@rsdjulian) of Real Social Dynamics teaches how to “pickup” women.

He was recruited to RSD by Owen Cook (@Rsdowen.)

He teaches such techniques as the “choke hold” opener, shown here. 340 more words

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Schools Need to a Embrace Mobile Technology & Social Media, not Ban it.

I’ve noticed more and more that schools are caught in a rut on the use of mobile technology/Social Media. I think this is born out of ignorance or fear rather than a genuine belief that this mobile tech is ‘bad news’. 335 more words

Maine State Senator: President Obama will deal with ISIS "at the family reunion"

Maine State Senator Michael Willette (R) is in hot water after making this Facebook post:

Yes, that’s right, a State Senator posted that he thinks that President Obama is related to Islamic terrorists.   149 more words

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JustUnfollow is now CrowdFire

JustUnfollow is not a new name for all social media geeks. It was started by a young engineer in back 2008. Now at almost 5 years later they have renamed their brand to #CrowdFire. 34 more words


Social Media's Expectation of Beauty

Imagine the worst, most unflattering picture a friend has taken of you– the kind of picture you see and immediately beg for deletion. The angle’s wrong. 284 more words

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