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An idea that had Wall Street totally freaked about stocks last year just popped up again

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What goes up, must come down. What is built up, eventually breaks down.

Last year, the idea that the companies that made themselves huge doing deals over the last few years thanks to low interest rates are set to crumble into pieces hit Wall Street. 404 more words

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Makemake, Pluto’s so-called little sister, has a moon — Scientist

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Image by Alex Parker of NASA via HuffPost Science

Scientists revealed that the dwarf planet called Makemake has a moon… 18 more words

WanderingMuse.net is launching!

Le site web http://WanderingMuse.net est elfin en ligne! Des out takes du film The Wandering Muse, maid surtout, des centaines de vidéos de musicians juifs à travers le monde. 51 more words

Catherine Legault

Socalled pieces together an album that sounds like Canada looks

“As a musician, you’ve gotta be versatile,” says Socalled, and the singer, rapper, producer, and keyboardist takes this virtue to an extreme. In May he played both a launch party for his new album, Peoplewatching, to “500 rockin’ young people” at a club in Montreal, where he lives, and a synagogue in North York with his Yiddish Barbershop Quartet, singing his arrangements of folk songs to “700 90-year-olds.” With his alchemical skill at bringing people and musical styles together, the slight, bespectacled guy with the receding Jewfro is a walking advertisement for multiculturalism. 890 more words